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Harnessing the Full Potential of Recruiting Operations: A Look at RecOps Collective’s Approach

Balancing the Pillars of Success: Unpacking RecOps Collective's Innovative Approach to Recruitment Operations

RecOps Collective is changing the landscape of how companies of all sizes think about their talent acquisition/recruiting operation functions. As an industry-leader and originator, the RecOps Collective team implements a balanced, multifaceted approach to solving problems. As part of that strategy, they work with companies on four critical pillars they’ve identified: data/analytics, programs, operations/systems, and strategy. 

We chatted with Jeremy Lyons, co-founder of RecOps Collective, and through our discussion we were impressed by how the team identified these pillars and how they work with companies to improve them. Lyons underscored the importance of balance, stating that while there isn’t a single correct way to approach RecOps, because every company is different, there are a number of ways companies overlook early in the process that cause problems later. “”RecOps is about creating a balanced ecosystem, and the best leaders are master tinkerers. The best ones out there understand how everything is interconnected and how to build in ways that don’t over-index on a specific skill,” says Lyons. 


Harnessing data effectively in RecOps is crucial to making informed decisions and strategic moves, Lyons noted. To that end, RecOps Collective works with teams to identify critical metrics they’ll need to track to measure their short and long-term goals. Beyond building dashboards, the RecOps Collective team works to enable all the stakeholders by providing data literacy training as well as creating an understanding of how to get the data they really need. Lyons pointed out that while companies look to be data-driven, sometimes an over-focus on the numbers results in overlooking the processes and stories they tell, which the group helps keep in perspective.


RecOps teams often operate as program and project management for Recruiting Teams. Many RecOps professionals learn program and project management skills on the job, however. Because of this RecOps Collective works closely with companies and internal teams to establish best practices like how to structure and organize their programs efficiently. This has led them to help companies overhaul their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), internal mobility, employee referrals, vendor management, and university programs to show value and reduce cost.


RecOps teams operate in both a reactive and proactive space relying heavily on individual skills to keep everything running smoothly. Over time, new knowledge and technology are needed to remain efficient and ensure operational excellence. RecOps Collective works with teams to identify and define their operational strategies as well as introduce teams to new techniques, tools, and vendors that can help them do more with less. 


Lyons says, “Understanding the overall recruiting team goals and philosophy is an often overlooked element in the entire RecOps process.”  By consulting with Recruiting and Business leadership teams, RecOps Collective is able to help internal Recruiting teams to identify areas of collaboration with internal stakeholders. These collaborations, as Lyons noted, lead to Recruiting being viewed as a broader strategic partner to the company.

Beyond these pillars, RecOps Collective also has a social arm that focuses on the broader RecOps community. This side of the company provides RecOps professionals with guides and thought leadership pieces specific to the space. They encourage the community to write articles as well which they publish and promote as a way of pulling back the curtain on a group that is often seen but not heard.

RecOps Collective’s unique and innovative approach to RecOps makes them a clear winner in our book by showing how business owners and companies can think differently about their own future of recruiting. With the rise of new technology, like Generative AI, recruiting teams will need to adapt and evolve. Lyons and the team have kept a close eye on new recruiting trends and that is why RecOps Collective approaches the future openness and flexibility. They are definitely a company to watch for in the future.


To learn more about RecOps Collective, check out their website and feel free to connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn.


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