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Fluex Media’s Four P’s: A Revolutionary Approach to Generating High-Quality Leads on LinkedIn

Shlomo Friedman, Joel Freund, and Rachel Grunbaum share their unique formula for securing qualified prospects and closing deals through outbound messaging on LinkedIn.

Tired of sending LinkedIn pitches that go unanswered or receiving ones that have no relevance to your business? In the world of LinkedIn prospecting, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and make a genuine connection with potential clients. Fluex, a digital marketing agency founded by Joel Freund and co-founded by Shlomo Friedman, has cracked the code on this. With Rachel Grunbaum as their CMO and Growth Strategist, the team has developed a unique formula to generate high-quality leads and book several calls with highly qualified prospects every week through outbound messaging.

Fluex’s success on LinkedIn can be attributed to its strict adherence to the four P’s: Product, Person, Process, and Pitch. By following this comprehensive checklist, the agency has managed to foster genuine connections, paving the way for successful business partnerships.

1. Product

Before you even begin crafting a pitch, it’s crucial to determine if your product or service is a good fit for the company you’re pitching. Assess whether the prospect is likely to need and benefit from your offer. This step ensures that you’re focusing your efforts on companies that will truly appreciate your product, saving both parties time and resources.

2. Person

Identifying the right person to reach out to is a key aspect of LinkedIn prospecting. You need to ensure that you’re messaging someone who has the authority to make decisions and is responsible for the results your product or service delivers. By targeting the right person, you increase the chances of your pitch being well-received and acted upon.

3. Process

The timing of your pitch is just as important as its content. Avoid pitching immediately after connecting with someone on LinkedIn. Instead, follow Fluex’s recommended nurturing process: connect with a custom note, engage insightfully with the prospect’s content for a few weeks, and then you’re ready to send your pitch. This approach demonstrates genuine interest in the prospect and establishes a rapport before making any sales propositions.

4. Pitch

Customization is the key to a successful pitch. Conduct thorough research on the prospect’s personal and company profiles, their website, and recent posts to understand their needs and pain points. Utilize this information to tailor every part of your pitch, including the opening sentence, statistics, benefits, and social proof. By personalizing your pitch, you show your prospect that you’ve taken the time to understand their specific needs and can offer a relevant solution.

Lastly, end your pitch with a small, non-threatening call to action (CTA). Instead of asking for a call right away, aim to initiate a conversation by asking open-ended questions such as:

  • Open to hearing more?
  • Sounds interesting?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • Am I on the right track?

By following Fluex’s Four P’s formula, you’re more likely to establish meaningful connections, generate high-quality leads, and close deals on LinkedIn. Shlomo Friedman, Joel Freund, and Rachel Grunbaum have proven that a thoughtful and strategic approach to outbound messaging can yield impressive results in the world of online business networking. So, before you hit ‘send’ on your next LinkedIn pitch, make sure it checks all the boxes in this revolutionary approach.

Are you ready to transform your LinkedIn prospecting game and achieve outstanding results? Visit Fluex’s website to learn more about their services and discover how their unique approach can help elevate your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with potential clients and partners like never before. Take the first step toward LinkedIn prospecting success!

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