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FAME Project, The First NFT Collection Designed To Make Its Holders Famous!

With a mission to propel mindful individuals and brands into the worldwide spotlight, each NFT holder will have access to exclusive PR resources, social media strategies, and celebrity contacts

After creating an industry leading PR agency that highlights the achievements of mindful individuals in business, Michael Graziano is taking his skills and thought leadership to the NFT community with a collection that quite literally, aims to make you famous. Graziano is a powerhouse entrepreneur, founder of Mindful Media PR, and now, creator of the world’s first crypto gamified PR Agency, FAME

His extensive experience landing clients in top-tier magazines, and his innate drive to do the unthinkable, has allowed him to successfully help thousands of people share their stories and have their voices heard. His upcoming collection is slated to include 10,000 artistic AI generated, FAMECat’s, each symbolizing the power of sharing your message with the world. It is a ground-breaking NFT collection that puts holders in the spotlight, and owning a token will give you access to the resources, tools, and publications that can make you famous in both the Metaverse, and the real world.

“You can be anyone you want to be in the Metaverse, and helping people get established as their avatar and becoming well known in the community is something we’re really excited to get involved with,” Graziano says. He believes that everyone deserves to have their voices heard, and by purchasing a hand drawn FAMECat, that dream can soon become a reality. “We’re going to create a physical NFT magazine where token holders can read about other people in the space, learn about upcoming events and projects, and just be immersed in a cool and interesting, new community,” he adds.

The way it works is, FAME provides collectors with limited edition NFT’s, which are artistic, edgy, valuable, and growth oriented. There will be three tiers that holders can choose from, each including various services and benefits such as access to publications, articles, social media growth and verification, and the FAMEProject community.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help tell your story. But if you really want to amplify it, we’re providing opportunities for people to buy catnip,” Graziano says. He explains that similar to when a cat consumes catnip, anyone who purchases it is going to be “boosted.” It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants more publicity, more awareness, more exposure, more credibility, and more authority. “Buy some catnip and see what happens,” Graziano jokes.

But aside from helping establish you as a leader in your field, FAME will host exclusive and invite-only conversations with celebrities, influential crypto whales, and prominent figures in the space where you can ask questions and gain insider tips and knowledge about upcoming projects. “We just did an interview with Paris Hilton for Fortune magazine, and we’d love to bring in celebrities of that caliber to have intimate conversations, where the community can come ask questions and hang out with the who’s who of crypto, Hollywood and all over the world,” he says.

FAME’s mission is to propel mindful individuals and brands into the worldwide spotlight, to the top of iTunes charts, nine-figure businesses, cover of magazines, leading charities and beyond. FAME is truly unconventional and is pushing the boundaries of the NFT space by creating opportunities that cross over into the real world. NFT developer Rajiv Sankarlall, who collaborated with Graziano on the project, says it’s all about creating a sense of community.

“We want to emphasize the mental health and personal development space to create a positive and enriched community,” he says. “We are trying to create good in the world. I think while a lot of NFT communities are focused on creating a Discord, doing meetups and partying, we’re curating an experience that can allow you to come in and create,” he adds. Sankarlall says that FAME has big plans ahead, including an emphasis on crypto education and showing people the ins and outs of the industry.

The vision of the project is to harness the power of public relations, allow access to the world’s top media outlets and ensure that everyone with a powerful message, product or service can get the visibility, credibility, and authority they need to get their story out there. “I see this beautiful revolution happening, and we want to be a part of it in our own way to carve out something unique and diverse in the PR Metaverse,” Graziano says. 

If you have a story or message that you want to tell the press, while also becoming the holder of a fun, and unique FAMECat NFT, be sure to visit FAME’s website, or Twitter, and get in on this exclusive opportunity while you can. 

This is your chance to be a part of a community of thought leaders, game-changers, wave makers and entrepreneurs that are making a positive impact in the world. This virtual shared space is created with you in mind, to connect, thrive, and change the face of media. 

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