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BAD Marketing Emerges: 4Media Marketing Joins Forces with Hemon Group to Make Brands Go BAD

In a groundbreaking move for the digital advertising sector, two industry leaders, 4Media Marketing and Hemon Group, announced their merger recently. This merger, led by industry visionaries Eddie Maalouf of 4Media and Ashton Shanks of Hemon Group, aims to redefine the realms of digital marketing by offering an unparalleled suite of services in one unified platform.

4Media Marketing, renowned for its expertise in email/SMS marketing, Amazon strategies, and innovative content creation, will synergize with Hemon Group’s globally recognized prowess in paid advertising. This alliance is anticipated to create a digital powerhouse, bringing all the top talent in the world of digital advertising under one roof. 

The merged entity will be aptly named BAD Marketing, an acronym that stands for Bold & Disruptive. True to its name, BAD Marketing is on a mission: “We make good brands go BAD.” With a unique approach that promises to challenge the norms and be genuinely disruptive, BAD Marketing aspires to be the one-stop-shop for e-commerce and online brands looking for world-class service and stellar results across all marketing categories.

With a combined workforce of over 160 dedicated team members, BAD Marketing will have a global footprint. The company will boast offices in strategic locations across the world, including Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, the UK, Beirut, and Serbia. This broad presence ensures a local approach to global challenges, catering to diverse markets with tailored strategies.

The combined portfolios of 4Media and Hemon Group are nothing short of impressive. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, like SNOW teeth whitening, Clickfunnels, Alex Hormozi, and a list of over 500 more, their expertise and success stories speak volumes. With their marketing efforts currently generating over $1 Billion per year in online revenue, BAD Marketing is poised to be an industry juggernaut.

To delve deeper into the numbers, BAD Marketing will manage an astounding 40M a month in info/coaching product revenue and another 60M a month in direct-to-consumer Shopify/Amazon revenue. Such monumental figures place BAD Marketing in a league of its own, setting them apart as arguably the strongest agency in the domain of online advertising.

For brands, this merger means unparalleled access to an extensive suite of services and expertise. For the talented professionals in the world of digital advertising, it represents a unique opportunity to be part of a revolutionary company that stands at the intersection of innovation and growth.

In an era where online presence and digital strategies define a brand’s success, this merger is timely. As more businesses strive to build a robust digital footprint, having an ally like BAD Marketing can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary brand stories.

Eddie Maalouf and Ashton Shanks, in a joint statement, shared their excitement about this new chapter: “We are thrilled to bring two of the industry’s best together. BAD Marketing is not just about being bold and disruptive; it’s about redefining success in the digital space. Together, we’re ready to make good brands go BAD.”

For further information or press inquiries, please reach out to the BAD Marketing communications team at Eddie@badmarketing.com.

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