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Beauty Pioneer, Ashley Black, Teams With WeFunder for Pre-IPO Hypergrowth Raise

Ashley Black is joining forces with WeFunder.com for a pre-IPO investor round to expand into global and professional health and beauty markets and improve the lives of millions


Boasting over $120 million dollars in revenue, in a few short years, the self funded and profitable Ashley Black company, is poised for hypergrowth. With a community of over 6 million super fans, patented products validated in medical journals, a host of celebrity endorsements and over 1 trillion unique media impressions, the company is launching a pre-IPO investment opportunity. With the demand for global marketplace and B2B opportunities, Black has outgrown her model of scaling from cash flow alone. This “necessity breeds invention” unique company is partnering with WeFunder to launch a bridge round as they lay the groundwork for a future IPO.  


Surveying the options for a capital raise, Black chose a platform that would allow her community of long-time supporters to own a ground floor stake in her company, an opportunity that is generally reserved for the 1%. Ashley Black and WeFunder have an aligned vision – to put the power back in the hands of all people. The site also allows her to tell the story of her brand and her mission using her own words directly to the investment audience, not relying on professional brokers or bankers. Black’s authenticity and storytelling have played a huge role in the success she has had connecting with her community of customers and followers, establishing her as a trusted source of health and beauty education for millions. 


Ashley Black knows all about self-reliance. In fact, doing things for herself has been a thread throughout her whole life, from the very beginning. She was faced with challenges early on, diagnosed at a young age with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then, in her late twenties, a deadly bone infection ravaged her body and brought a close brush with death. Her injuries were so severe and debilitating that her prognosis was a life of pain management and surgeries. Determined to defy this fate, she went on a solo expedition for answers, exploring every corner of traditional and alternative medicine for her cure.


Black persisted until she landed on what would be the key to her healing – a system of the body that no one talked about called fascia. Fascia is also known as connective tissue or collagen fibers, and is found in every nook and cranny in the body. After inventing ways to regenerate her own fascia, she realized it was much more profound than solving her own issues – it was a gaping hole in the healthcare industry. With a passion to help others who may suffer from myo-fascial pain, she became a body worker and went on to own multidisciplinary sports medicine clinics. Her clinics soon became a mecca for professional athletes and celebrities that would fly to her clinics to receive Fasciology treatments. She parlayed her expertise into a multi decade long career before bringing her methods to mainstream, through her inaugural fascia treatment tool the FasciaBlaster. The FasciaBlaster was designed to simulate her therapy with a self treatment tool. 


As the FasciaBlaster was released to the public, it was discovered that the root cause of cellulite is the fascia. As fascia regenerates, the skin is smoothed. This is true for the skin all over the body as well as face and neck. With this revelation, the FasciaBlaster became an internet sensation and sales skyrocketed. The garage size business exploded and Black expanded the product suite and the distribution channels. What gained acclaim as a beauty product, was also helping users with various ailments, creating super fans. With epic success in the consumer business, Black is ready to bring Fasciology back to its roots and distribute through medical providers. 93% of her followers surveyed said they wanted to receive professional FasciaBlaster treatments, so Ashley Black, Inc is preparing for expansion. She is also going to expand her consumer business globally and into retail.  


Raised funds will help support the launch of the Fascia Advancement Academy, teaching innovative techniques and a solid foundation of Preventative Regenerative Fasciology® by learning important fundamental concepts and principles. According to her page on WeFunder, “The company has partnered with one of the leading Chiropractic instructors from Parker University to offer board-certified live and virtual training programs for professionals using the products and methodology, co-led by Doctors and Company trainers.” Students who complete the courses will receive CE hours, be “Fascia Certified,” eligible to sell FasciaBlaster tools through the Ashley Black Experience Wholesale Program. 


Set to launch in 2022 is a groundbreaking app that will connect millions of followers in the US to their local fascia certified professional service provider with just a few taps of their device. In addition to this, Black is leaning into a growth plan to expand distribution to US and International Marketplaces, international websites, and boutique retail over the next 24 months. 


Hearing Black’s story as a purpose-driven female entrepreneur who faced considerable challenges to get to where she is today, it comes as no surprise that WeFunder was her first choice for her company’s crowdfunding home base. WeFunder is a Public Benefit Corporation founded upon the belief stated on their website that “Everyone deserves access to funding, including immigrants, minorities, and those who live in poverty.” To give you an idea of the dramatic impact they are making, female founders make up only 2% of traditional venture capital, versus 22% of WeFunder founders. 


WeFunder’s mission is to help everyone, not just the elite or wealthy, invest in the companies they believe in. Disrupting the investment world for the good of the people, they did the work to convince Congress to change a law that stood from 1933 to 2016, making it illegal to invest in a private company unless you were a (rich) accredited investor. 


Supporting democratized capital investment, WeFunders’ army of over 1 million Angel Investors is composed of artists, teachers, scientists, lawyers, parents, and grandparents. With the resources provided through the WeFunder platform, the healing products that Ashley Black worked tirelessly to discover will have the opportunity to change the lives of millions. 


Visit WeFunder.com/AshleyBlackExperience to become an investor and member of the Ashley Black community.

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