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Ash Edelman’s Rise to Becoming the Elite international UHNW Fitness Trainer and online coach is Not an Accident

by Sarshar Hosseinnia 

When speaking to Ash Edelman, it’s apparent the London-based international UHNW Personal trainer and online coach is driven to bettering the lives of each client. 

The founder of the aptly-named Ashthetics Coaching dedicates his time to providing a uniquely candid approach to his clients that he has coined it a “no bullsh*t methodology.” But there’s so much more to the Australian-born Edelman. He has elevated himself to become a multi-time champion in bodybuilding and fitness in such a short space of time, he was able to grow from 400 clients at the micro level, to 100 dedicated individuals. “I’m more about educating my clients, along with showing how to achieve a goal,” he says.  He’s a results-driven mentor, and his own experiences with coaches are testament to that. “Out of 11 shows, I’ve won eight, and placed second in three. I’ve got a British title, a European title and a World title. I’m also a professional athlete in three different federations. Having the competition experience has really changed my coaching game.”  

In his early 20’s, he worked as a labourer in the Iron Ore mines in Northern Western Australia, so Edelman knows what it takes to overcome adversity; and – despite having spent time in the Australian Army as well, the laid-back New South Wales native is a proponent of analytics rather than outright discipline, to motivate each client. His “Four Pillars of Fat Loss” –  Calorie Deficit, Resistance Training, Prioritizing and Consistency” offer a less daunting approach to getting to an end goal, as it breaks down each step. “Where people fail is their accountability and consistency,” he says. “By (clients) uploading their information daily to my Ashthetics Coaching app (food intake through MyFitnessPal, weight, body fat, photos), I can make adjustments when needed to make sure they achieve their goal.” Edelman gives his clients the freedom they need through this process, but is also there to pull them into line if they aren’t following the plan within the set guidelines. “The most successful diet and training plan is one that you enjoy and can stick to, but if they stray too far, then I am there to pull them back into line with the hard truth,” says Edelman.

With his fitness app, Edelman lays out his three-pronged model; fat loss, lean muscle gain, and competition prep which allows him to methodically deliver a comprehensive action plan with each client, so that they have a direction and an end goal. The one transferable quality he brings from his army days is the structure each client gets, though Edelman would prefer not to use the term ‘client,’ as he creates such as personal experience with each person he mentors that it really is “no bullsh*t.” 

Image: @maxphysiquephoto IG

The general consensus with a fitness trainer is that because you have to subscribe to supplements and products, you eventually become a walking infomercial. “The only products I take is Creatine, EAA’s, a protein shake, and a regulatory food intake.” Edelman admits “there’s no miracle diet,” but offers-up an ideal solution – the aforementioned ‘accountability and consistency’ – something that he not only teaches but also lives by. 

His admirable relationship with his wife Maria Stavrou involves holding each other accountable to goals, while putting themselves together as a team. Certainly, these levelling-up strategies make the relationship between Edelman and those he trains, more teammates than master and student. He does however have a firm belief of forever being a student in everything he does in life.

His role as an educator cannot be downplayed. His online tutorials over Instagram and YouTube have gained steady traction, especially since the Pandemic moved most featured content online. 

When asked about the key to his success, Edelman proudly admits self-investment is vital in how to educate others. On a day when Men’s Mental Health took precedence on social media, Edelman waxes lyrical just how happy the sanctuary of a gym provides for him. “If I’m feeling a certain way, I can put that focus towards what I do in the gym. That controlled up-down movement really ensures the focus remains on your body as opposed to your mind.” 

With two-hours a day spent in the gym, two hours on a Sunday and Wednesday spent meal-prepping, Edelman admits that his life has fallen ideally into place as it gives him structure in his life which he preaches to his clients. “With structure in your life, not only do you feel better as you know what’s to come, but you also have more control over the future as well”. This is why one of his favorite quotes is “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Ash Edelman is the founder of Ashthetics Coaching, and is dedicated to guiding you to your ideal body. For more information, visit http://ashtheticscoaching.com/ or visit his Instagram page AshedelmanIFBBPro.

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