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AJ Mizes of The Human Reach: Physicians, Business, and the Power of Seeking Help

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and medical practice, the ability to recognize one’s limitations and seek assistance when necessary is paramount. AJ Mizes, CEO of The Human Reach, recently shared some candid insights on the Behind B2B Podcast, touching upon the challenges physicians face when transitioning into the world of business.

The lack of business training in medical school is one of the obvious gaps, according to AJ Mizes. This glaring oversight often leaves medical professionals ill-equipped to handle the entrepreneurial side of things once they decide to venture into private practice. “The one criticism is that we don’t get trained in medical school to be business entrepreneurs at all. That’s a pretty big shortcoming,” Mizes revealed.

Reflecting on his early days in private practice, AJ Mizes recounted his experience with a neurosurgeon partner who took him under his wing. This invaluable mentorship illuminated the stark reality: formal training avenues seldom impart the business skills required to successfully manage and grow a private practice. As Mizes observed, “They said no one will teach you this.”

The entrepreneurial journey is often fraught with unforeseen challenges, necessitating a proactive attitude. This is especially true for physicians, who, by the nature of their training and profession, are conditioned to address and rectify issues head-on. However, as AJ Mizes aptly points out, recognizing the need for external help is equally critical. He remarked, “There are a lot of things I’m going to take charge of; if I don’t know it, I’ll fix it; I’ll get it done. But there are a lot of times… I’ve always said that a good doctor knows when to ask for help.”

It is this keen sense of self-awareness and humility that separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. The journey of building and growing a business, much like the practice of medicine, is intricate, with myriad nuances that may escape even the most seasoned professionals.

The takeaway from AJ Mizes’ insights? While having a dream, idea, and drive is fundamental, it’s equally vital to recognize your limitations. In an era where expertise is more accessible than ever before, seeking out consultants for guidance in unfamiliar territories can be the linchpin to success. As Mizes advises, “It’s really important to get consultants for the things you don’t know and listen to them.”

The words of AJ Mizes serve as a timely reminder of the synergies between medicine and entrepreneurship. Both fields demand a mix of proactivity, dedication, and the wisdom to seek guidance when faced with the unknown. As professionals across industries look to diversify their skills and ventures, embracing the art of seeking help can indeed make all the difference.

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