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Acquisition Of Domain Name ‘kryp.to’ May Be Biggest Bitcoin Sale In History

Digital assets are no joke and kryp.to might be the biggest domain sale in history with many trying to acquire the deal. The digital asset kryp.to is for sale and it has the chance to be the highest-priced ever paid in Bitcoin or in cash!

The prominence of digital currencies are increasing by the day as many businesses like Tesla have started accepting it as a legal exchange. Sotheby’s has announced that it will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in its upcoming auction of a Banksy painting “Love is in The Air”. It’s the first time ever, a major auction house will accept digital currencies as payment for a physical piece of art, which has created much abuzz in the market. Sotheby’s has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to accept the digital currencies. Talking about digital asset news, one that has created much excitement in the market is the upcoming sale of the kryp.to domain. The news has woken up big players and collectors who are ready to get hold of the digital asset and price will not be a factor. Unlike some digital assets that have no utility or are limited by a ceiling to their value, kryp.to has exponential utility as an asset. It will be used as a foundation to build a business with an ironclad world class brand. Its one of a kind name makes it invaluable and non-duplicative for copycats.

In late 2019 a similar sale happened which had MicroStrategy Inc and CEO Michael Saylor, a Bitcoin champion, selling the domain name ‘Voice.com‘ for a cool $30 million. The domain was acquired by a blockchain company for its new social platform and NFT marketplace called ‘Voice’ launching in the Summer of 2021. The buyer ‘Block.One’ paid in cash, making it the biggest domain sale in history. For those who are unaware, such big sales for eight figures have taken place in the past and have been openly disclosed which include domain names like Fund.com, Hotels.com, Tesla.com, and a lot more. In a similar fashion, the sale of kryp.to is also predicted to generate a huge bid amount as there are a lot of inquiries coming in from places as far as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, USA, and the EU. These bids are likely from the Bitcoin whales, billionaires and serial entrepreneurs who don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to get ownership of the kryp.to domain name, which has limitless potential. 

There is no doubt that kryp.to will fetch a blockbuster price due to its uniqueness and its ability not to be forged and duplicated by knockoffs. Remember the name ‘kryp.to’ it’s going to the moon and will soon be a household brand!

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