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3 Secret Belief Shifts That Made Matt Shields a Millionaire by 21

In a recent YouTube video by Matt Shields, he shared the three secret belief shifts that helped him become a millionaire by the age of 21. Here, we break down these belief shifts and discuss the valuable insights that can be learned from Matt’s journey.


Belief Shift #1: You Can Surpass Your Parents Financially

Matt’s first belief shift came from realizing that he could surpass his parents financially. For a long time, he had seen his parents as the most successful people he knew and couldn’t imagine surpassing them. However, attending an event with successful entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s showed him that he could achieve more than he ever thought possible. By not limiting himself to his parents’ success, Matt was able to reach new heights in his own financial journey.


Belief Shift #2: You Can Be Good at Talking to People

Growing up, Matt believed that he wasn’t good at talking to people. He was shy, introverted, and awkward in social situations. This limiting belief held him back in business, as he didn’t think he could sell, lead, or manage clients. However, after making hundreds of cold calls, Matt discovered that his unique traits made him an excellent communicator. By embracing his natural ability to listen and show genuine interest in others, he was able to overcome his fears and develop effective communication skills.


Belief Shift #3: Making Money Doesn’t Have to Be Complex

Lastly, Matt had believed that making money was a complex, difficult task. Becoming a millionaire seemed to require intricate strategies and processes. However, he came to understand that there is a simple formula to making money: provide value, capture a percentage of that value, and do it for a sustainable period. By focusing on the fundamentals of business, Matt was able to avoid getting bogged down by complexities and distractions, ultimately leading to his success.


Key Takeaways

Matt Shields’ story provides several valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople:

  1. Don’t limit yourself based on the success of others, including your parents. Believe in your ability to achieve more and aim high.
  2. Embrace your unique traits and skills, and use them to improve your communication and interpersonal skills. Genuine interest and active listening can be powerful tools in business.
  3. Focus on the fundamentals of business—providing value and capturing a percentage of that value over time—rather than getting distracted by complexities and shiny objects.


The belief shifts shared by Matt Shields offer a powerful roadmap for anyone looking to achieve success in business and personal growth. By challenging your limiting beliefs, embracing your unique traits, and focusing on the fundamentals of business, you can unlock your true potential and reach new heights. Remember that success is not reserved for the few, but rather attainable for anyone willing to embrace change and strive for greatness. Let Matt’s story inspire you to redefine your beliefs and embark on a journey toward financial success and personal fulfillment. If you want to check out the video for yourself, click here.

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