Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

: With red-hot inflation, more Americans are relying on credit cards to pay rent and buy food. But where you live also plays a role. Here’s why.

Wealth inequality in the U.S. has continued to widen during the pandemic.

Are you a member of the 1% club? It takes at least $4.4 million to be in the top 1% of Americans with the most wealth, $6.8 million in California and $766,000 in Mississippi.

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Putting bread on the table is easier for some Americans than others. 

More than three quarters of U.S. adults (78%) have little to no room to stretch their budget to cope with with rising inflation, according to a recent Forbes Advisor survey of 2,000 people. The reason? Most of their income is being spent on food and housing.

To make matters…

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