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When Passion Meets Purpose: Seasoned Entrepreneur Jonte Wells On How to Create Local Economic Opportunities

Building self-wealth and success creates opportunities for giving back and supporting new initiatives and businesses within communities. It’s not uncommon for people who achieve success to take steps to help others build their businesses or create new opportunities. What if you do want to do more? Serial entrepreneur Jonte Wells aims to help create local economic opportunities in the heart of Chicago.

Giving Back to a Community in Need

Jonte grew up in inner-city Chicago. As a young athlete, he struggled to find those opportunities. It wasn’t easy to find sports facilities or a gym to use. That limited access to sports facilities hampered Jonte’s success initially, making it harder for him to be seen. While Jonte found success on the court, he easily sees that other young athletes in inner-city Chicago are still battling the same limitations.

Getting these young athletes into a basketball career, at the NCAA or pro level, is often the desire and goal. Many have raw talent and passion for the game, but they lack real leadership. Yet, Jonte goes further than this. His mission is to help those athletes achieve their dreams both on and off the court. The result is not only supporting the development of strong talent but also helping to give back to the community with new opportunities and economic success.

Building Success in Chicago

Chicago is a powerhouse when it comes to economics. As one of the most diversified economies in the world, Chicago offers plenty of opportunities. The city has 4 million people working as employees and generates an annual gross regional product of over $698 billion. There are 400 major corporate facilities here including 36 from Fortune 500 companies, according to World Business Chicago. Impressive numbers for sure, but it doesn’t represent what’s happening in the inner city here.

Poverty and unemployment go hand-in-hand in Chicagoland. You don’t have to look far to find people who are unable to break through. The ICIC reports that 64 percent of inner cities perform worse than the metro area when it comes to economic growth and job creation. Chicago is the ideal example. The Metro area, which includes Chicago, Joliet, and Naperville, reports 9.4 million people. Of those, 1.5 million people are living in the inner city. About 40 percent of the city’s residents are living at or in poverty. With 17 percent unemployment in these areas, there’s no doubt there is ample opportunity for improvement here.

Jonte knows it’s going to take a great deal to change any of this. However, his focus is on supporting young people with personalized support and service, aiming to pull them out of these difficult circumstances to create something new and profitable for themselves. In addition to helping to support their athletic goals, it’s also important to give them more. “Through my companies, I’m working to help young athletes to achieve multiple revenue streams. Taking their passion and interests and turning that into a successful business – one that gives back to their communities – is a goal of Greater Purpose Athletics and Greater Purpose Management,” he says.

Creating Businesses That Give Back

For people who wish to enter into professional or college-level athletics, the battle to find a spot in that area is hard. Jonte provides talent management and a full marketing agency to help individuals to find their passion on the court through Greater Purpose Management. He’s designed this business to provide opportunities for young men and women to achieve success no matter what they need. “We provide everything they need from encouragement to building skill. We’re there, side-by-side, to encourage success,” he says.

Jonte is dedicated to doing more, though. Whether through sports, fitness, or another area, it also aims to give these individuals the ability to build new businesses and jobs that can, in turn, help to support the community as a whole.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jonte has worked to build his own success through multiple businesses. He used his basketball success on the court to help launch several businesses. He’s been in real estate, for example, since 2017. He flips houses and owns several rental properties. These businesses are giving back even further by providing modern, beautiful spaces for people to call home, often right in the inner city itself.

He’s gone further, too. He owns two franchises. Sugaring NYC has two locations – Sugaring NYC Lincoln Park and Sugaring NYC South Elgin and recently closed on a new location Sugaring NYC Schaumburg, set to open November 1st. With three locations in total, the future for Wells and his community is nothing short of bright. 

The Lincoln Park location is set to earn over $1.3 million in sales as a new business.

Jonte’s success has led him to do his part to support inner-city Chicago business growth and development. By working as both a hands-on supporter and an inspiration for those in these communities, he’s able to provide a new avenue for many in these communities to overcome economic strife.

Through Greater Purpose Management, he works to support athletes in every way. He says, “We work with you to grow your personal brand by creating authentic brand partnerships, maximizing your presence on social media, and helping you make an impact in your community.” It’s not just about what happens on the court, though that is the initial focus of his talent management company. IT’s to help athletes achieve success in a way that’s right for their specific needs and goals.

Even the most talented of athletes leave the court after a matter of years. Because his agency works to develop their brand, those individuals are then able to go out and create multiple streams of revenue for themselves as well while supporting their communities. He says, “We make sure you’re educated about your financial assets and legal rights. We aim to support you in your post-career options by providing a foundation for your success from day one.”

Creating a family dynamic with his clients, Jonte is giving them hope for the future of their community while providing access to achieving their sports dreams. If you want to learn more about his work, reach out to Jonte Wells today.

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