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Top 13 Thought Leaders To Follow On Clubhouse

When brand new social media platforms are launched they invariably go one of two ways. Social media platforms have the tendency to either launch new stars or to fade out quickly, leaving behind no trace of their existence. Entrepreneurs who can suss out what social media platforms are worth joining can find themselves quickly gaining ground on their competitors.

Introducing Clubhouse, the audio-based social media app described as a way to extend friendships, develop ideas, and meet new and interesting people from around the world. Right now, Clubhouse is being used by some of the largest stars in the world, from Ashton Kutcher to Oprah. For savvy entrepreneurs, few platforms offer more exciting opportunities. From connecting instantly with fans to creating content with other professionals, the opportunities are limitless for this audio-only experience.

Beyond the A-List stars that we are used to following, Clubhouse has a thriving roster of thought leaders and entrepreneurs looking to push new ideas and innovations to their followers.

Let’s take a look at the top 13 thought leaders to follow on Clubhouse!

  1. Glenn Lundy – Motivational Speaker & Host of Morning Show

The host of the #RiseAndGrind morning show, Glenn Lundy spends every breakfast guiding his followers along with the motivational grind they need to be the best version of themselves on a daily basis. A leading motivational speaker as well as an automotive industry professional, Glenn Lundy brings a unique perspective to his work thanks to his interesting and textured life prior to fame. With 800 episodes already released, fans can follow along Monday through Friday at 5:30 am EST.

Prior to his work as a morning show host and motivational speaker, Lundy spent two decades in the auto industry from Arizona to Kentucky. Guiding customer growth was one of Lundy’s most successful traits, leading a surge of 800% growth across five years at the dealerships he managed. Lundy’s work has been seen on NBC, CBS, and ABC. More than 30,000 Facebook users follow Lundy’s morning show.

Now ready to help others reach their highest levels, Glenn Lundy can be found every week on Clubhouse for his Breakfast With Champions content.

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2. Forbes Riley – Award-Winning TV Host, & Lifestyle Expert

Adhering to the idea that you are the sum of the obstacles that you overcome, Forbes Riley has repeatedly helped others to find their truth while pursuing what matters most to them — irrespective of any hurdles along the way. One of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the country, Forbes has carved out a connection with her audience that has been aided by more than 20 years of experience in media and marketing products while hosting television shows.

Now the host of the nationally revered talk show Forbes Living, Forbes is looking to empower inventors while providing entrepreneurs with a platform to share their work and support innovation at every level of life. For individuals looking to follow in her footsteps, Riley has crafted a Masterclass Webinar to help entrepreneurs follow her lead, develop their income, and make money with the messaging that matters to them most.

Fans and entrepreneurs looking to learn from one of the top motivational speakers and celebrity TV show hosts in the nation can follow Riley on Clubhouse to learn how to perfect their pitch.

  1. Ashley Black – Entrepreneur and Health/Beauty Guru

A #1 National best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and the American Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year. These are just a few of the titles that Ashley Black, the beauty and health guru, carries beside her name. As one of INC’s Fastest Growing Companies and  inventor of the FasciaBlaster, Black has come a long way, from humble beginnings to being the sole owner of a 9 figure business, Black is on fire. 

After undergoing a serious medical diagnoses in her childhood, including a near death experience , Ashley would turn to  her own concocted alternative medicine routines to overcome her struggles.  She developed a love for self healing, the genesis for the empire she has built helping improve the lives of millions.

Black developed and launched her inaugural self treating tool, the FasciaBlaster, and it was a run- away success boasting over $100MM in sales. She continues to expand her product catalogue and launch globally while training medical practitioners and growing in the regenerative medicine space. She has over 4MM fantical fans and now lends her inspirational voice to Clubhouse to inspire others to live an elevated life.  

Fans and followers can tune in to Ashley Black on Clubhouse where she discusses entrepreneurship, the beauty industry, and alternative medicine.

  1. Natasha & Michael Graziano – Best-selling Author & Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur

With millions of followers throughout her many social media platforms, Natasha Grano has already developed herself as a Global Influencer and one of the motivational thought leaders of tomorrow. Considered the #1 Motivational Speaker Under 40 by Forbes, Natasha Grano is committed to helping others empower themselves to fulfill their potential in every aspect of her career.

She met her husband, Michael Graziano, on clubhouse and new instantly she founder her soulmate. The two got married on clubhouse in epic proportions while 27,000 virtual attendees listened in according to New York Times

Michael just finished a 6-year journey to every country in the world, making him the youngest Canadian and American male to visit all 193 UN nations according to Forbes. He now is the founder of Mindful Media PR.

The two host The Law Of Attraction clubhouse room every Sunday from 8-12pm PST. Tune into the next one!

Fans and followers can tune in to Natasha Graziano’s Clubhouse or Michael Graziano’s Clubhouse for weekly discussions on the Law of Attraction.

5. Anjali Bhimani – Actress & Entertainer

Some people have a thirst for life that cannot be contained by mere tradition. Anjali Bhimani was born in Cleveland and raised in Orange County. Spending her childhood in the performing arts, Anjali would quickly fall in love with theater. Attending Northwestern University, Anjali would earn her Certificate in Musical Theater, going on to perform with regional theatre companies like the Lookingglass Theater, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, The Goodman Theatre, the McCarter, and more.

Early success in theatrical productions would allow Anjali to make it to Broadway, with Tony Award nominated Metamorphoses. Still an extraordinary performer, Anjali has since taken her talents to the silver screen and the television with roles in Marvel’s Runaways, Grace and Frankie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Netflix’s Special. She has continued to find international success as a voice artist in such wildly popular games as Overwatch and Apex Legends, as well as animated series like the Casagrandes, The Loud House, and more. 

More than an entertainer, Anjali is consciously working to inspire others to live more full and rewarding lives. In 2017, Anjali would develop I Am Fun Size, a YouTube series dedicated to helping her audience break through personal struggles to pursue their dream lives. She is releasing the companion book, I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU!: Thoughts from a Tiny Human on Living a Giant Life and will be running a Kickstarter campaign in late September and October before the upcoming book launch. 

When Anjali isn’t climbing for fun, acting on stage, or streaming her video game adventures, she can be found on Clubhouse.

  1. Jim Kwik – CEO of Kwik Learning and Author 

Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning, is a world leader in memory improvement and brain performance. After suffering a brain injury in his childhood, Jim Kwik struggled with memory retention and problem-solving skills, which forced him to create strategies that dramatically improved his performance. Now, he has made it his life’s work to share these strategies with others. 

He has spent the last two decades as a brain coach, drawing crowds with his impressive presentation skills and his ground-breaking techniques. He has taught students, seniors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities how to improve their memory and effectively absorb information quickly. 

His passion lies with education, helping others overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to reach their full potential. His content has been met with great popularity, from his videos which have reached over a million views, to his New York Times and #1 WSJ best selling novel: “Limitless – Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, Unlock Your Exceptional Life.” When Jim Kwik is not speaking on stage or writing, he frequents Clubhouse, where rooms are filled by the thousands to learn more about mind mastery. 

  1. Agata Galuszka – Founder of Ultimate Confidence

Agatha Galuszka probably didn’t intend on changing lives when she joined the workforce, but having spent a dozen years in Human Resources, she managed to do just that. Taking her affinity for helping people and moving it in a more positive and momentous direction, Galuszka would go on to found the Ultimate Confidence consultancy service to provide coaching for women looking to succeed on their own terms.

For the past two years, Agata Galuszka has been helping to empower women through her game-changing online business, giving them the tools and tips required to succeed and thrive in a life that they love. An online school with weekly Live sessions, Agata connects directly with her clients through a framework that has been perfected over the years. Agata uses her skills and experience to help transform that connection into an actionable service that uplifts her followers.

The ability to share her experiences to help others lift themselves has been momentous for Galuszka. Individuals looking to engage with the Confidence & Financial Independence Academy can do so by following Agata on Clubhouse.

  1. Michael Zeller – Business Architect & Entrepreneur

Already considered the most famous entrepreneur that you may not know of,, Michael Zeller has helped businesses accrue more than $300 million in total sales. Along the way, Zeller has managed to partner or found over 20 ventures while focusing heavily on the concept of social entrepreneurism. More than just another financial expert, Mike has learned from masters of the motivational field including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and Russel Brunson.

As a business architect and entrepreneur, Michael Zeller helps entrepreneurs find their deepest zone of genius. He’s the author of The Genius Within and is renowned for helping entrepreneurs find their natural pathway to impact, fulfillment and wealth. 

Michael works with his clients to help them find their genius, craft an irresistible offer, and to get unstuck by fueling positive momentum. Fans and aspiring entrepreneurs can follow Zeller on Clubhouse to gain actionable insights throughout the week. Zeller’s goal is to help his clients change their ceiling into their floor as they reach new heights in their careers.

9. Matt Andrews – Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur

Already one of the most decorated real estate investors in his field, Matt Andrews has turned his passion for renovation and flipping investment properties into a career helping others to do the same. Having found true freedom in life through his work, Andrews would create the REI Club to help others do the same. Combining countless hours of research, social networking events, and industry experts have led to one of the top platforms for future real estate investing professionals.

Outside of his work in real estate, Matt Andrews believes in the idea that passive income is the truest expression of freedom in the workplace. Empowering others to flip investment properties to create passive income is his way of giving back to those who helped him along the way. Matt published his book Real Estate Investors Guide to help others learn the foundational marketing techniques that he has used in real estate and on social media.

Matt meets his followers on his personal Clubhouse account to continually offer actionable advice, inspiration, and motivation to those who need it.

Since rising to fame as one of the most inspiring young digital artists, Rich Tu has worked with clients ranging from The New York Times, American Express, UNIQLO and Coca-Cola.

As a show creator, podcast host, and Television Academy Member, Rich Tu always has something interesting to discuss in his Clubhouse hangouts.

  1. Rich Tu – VP of Digital Design @ MTV Entertainment Group

A first-generation Filipino-American, Rich Tu has been breaking barriers since he first began in the creative industry. A graduate from SVA’s prestigious MFA Illustration program, Tu would quickly earn accolades within the design community and receive the ADC Young Guns award.

As one of the top design minds in New York, Rich Tu has spent his career both raising the bar in design while also raising awareness for important concepts such as inclusion and diversity in the arts. As an inclusivity advocate, Tu has become a leader in the fields of creative direction, and public speaking, and content creation. Despite his family pressuring him to turn to the legal or medicinal fields, Rich instead hustled through several jobs before developing a portfolio that caught the eye of Fortune 500 companies like Nike and MTV Entertainment at ViacomCBS.

  1. Karen Ruimy – Author, Singer, Spiritual Healing

Karen Ruimy is an entrepreneur and spiritual healing professional. For more than thirty years, Karen has leaped from one passion to the next, from writing and dance to women’s rights, all while maintaining the empowering enthusiasm that she has had since childhood.

Born and raised in Morocco, Karen would enjoy an international childhood including time spent in Paris and along the Atlantic Coast. Thanks to her upbringing, Karen was able to enrich herself with different cultures, developing her unique perspective along the way. After scoring her MBA from Grand Ecole, Karen would decide to share her healing energies with the world.

Karen is both an Ascension Teacher and a Multi-Dimensional Channel. She connects directly with the Galactic Federation of Light to provide guidance to her followers, aiding them in connecting to their Family of Light and Being.

Outside of her momentous entrepreneurial work, Karen Ruimy has been featured in several major publications including the Global Woman Magazine, where she shared how to best embrace the inner child within us all.

Fans of Karen Ruimy’s work can follow along with The Voice of the Angel author on Clubhouse.

12. Michael Tranmer – Author & Speaker

After the surprising end of his marriage, the professional engineer by trade, Michael Tranmer wrote a compelling memoir,  “Satori Ananda- Awaken to Happiness” detailing his conscious awakening, and how you can tap into your own spiritual evolution. The growth after the separation helped him realize  how being your vulnerable and authentic self can attract all the success you desire. Michael recently shared this experience in a TedX Talk: “How To Find Happiness By Reengineering Your Life”. In the talk, the speaker addressed how he overcame his self-serving attitude and transformed his reality into a fulfilling life of abundance through service to others.

His transformation led him from a closed, non-expressive engineer into  a public speaker, writer and Clubhouse guru. Taking the media by storm, Michael has been featured on CBC TV Daily Hive, New York Weekly and Elephant Journal, and in recent days can be found sharing wisdom and inspiration with like minded entrepreneurs on popular audio app Clubhouse. In addition to being a highly skilled coastal engineer, people connect with Michael for his endearing nature and skilled intelligence in areas including transformation, resilience, leadership, book writing, public speaking. Michael is highly active on social media sharing all that he continues to learn. Connect with Michael today to see how you can tap into your clarity and awaken your inner self towards an abundant life!

13. Shane Coyle – Entertainer & Voice Expert

There are some careers that we choose to follow and others that we simply stumble upon. For Shane Coyle, a noted voice expert and comedian, his foray into exposing child predators would be a little bit of both. Shane Coyle has cultivated a following thanks to his efforts as a voice actor, using this skill to expose predators live while on social media. Using his skills, Coyle has helped to bust hundreds of predators that could have gone on to do awful things.

Embracing the importance of his work while understanding how entertaining his comedy is, Shane has been featured on many programs including Dr. Phil to share his success. When Shane isn’t on social media performing live for his fans while getting predators in trouble, Coyle is uploading his work to his popular YouTube channel and has a dedicated community of nearly 70 thousand members on Facebook

Outside of his often extraordinary and always comedic work, Shane Coyle performs live on Clubhouse to share his content with followers in an exciting and often unpredictable live environment. Shane also keeps his fans updated through the official Prankcall Mafia Shane account.

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