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Top 10 Thriving Podcasts To Download In 2021

Thriving is a term to embrace this year. Finding your way, gaining insight, and feeling empowered takes a bit of support and guidance. These thriving podcasts to download now will give you the support and insights you need to find power in an ever-changing and complicated world.

1. Kelly Gores – The Heal Podcast

The Heal Podcast offers much needed healing through her continued look at the human ability to heal, physically and emotionally. Kelly Noonan Gores, who wrote the HEAL book and created the HEAL Documentary, continues her path towards finding true ways to heal in her podcast. She interviews and speaks to numerous professionals – doctors, spiritual leaders, healers around the world, and scientists to get to the bottom of a person’s true ability to heal.

Perhaps the most interesting podcasts she offers are those where she talks to real people who have incredible healing moments coming from incurable diseases and painful pasts. Kelly aims to break through what mainstream media believes about healing and focuses on tools and knowledge from those who think outside the box. She believes anything is possible when it comes to healing and consistently demonstrates how in this thought-provoking, feel-good podcast. It will bring you hope and resources.

Check out The Heal Podcast here now.

2. Brad Lea – Dropping Bombs

Those who want real information, hard facts, and honest (often hard to hear) truth about entrepreneurship will find Brad Lea and Dropping Bombs to be an essential podcast. It’s not for the weak at heart, but for those who want to push boundaries and solve problems with true grit. There’s a huge range of topics presented, including exceptional interviews with entrepreneurs. Dropping Bombs covers a range of opportunities and insights into business management, growth, and scaling that are not the typical types shared. He seeks out guests willing (and capable) of offering cutting-edge information and different strategies.

What makes Brad Lea’s podcast so important for the business world is that it’s focused on real-life experiences. These are stories “from the front lines,” as he states. The conversations had are personal and business-related, often offering a different view from what others offer. As a CEO and Entrepreneur, he has plenty to say.

Check out Dropping Bombs here.

3. Natasha Grano – Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction podcast from Natasha Grano is an exciting opportunity to really get to the bottom of what the law of attraction really is. Natasha Grano created the meditational behavioral synchronicity method, which allows people to apply a very specific strategy to their thoughts to create change in their lives. She teachers her listeners how to refocus their mindset using practical and mindful exercises. Doing so enables a person to begin to see change in their lives.

Natasha Grano helps to encourage this by providing wisdom and science about the law of attraction and how it applies to daily life. It can be applied to various parts of life, too, including health, love, wealth, relationships, and other areas. It’s an inspiring podcast that is sure to give hope and opportunity.

Dig into Natasha Grano’s podcast for inspiration – do that right here.

4. Jay Shetty – On Purpose

Often recognized for his unique storytelling abilities and deep, honest truths, Jay Shetty has opened the world’s eyes to what’s really happening around them. The Jay Shetty Podcast dives deeper, not just identifying pain and suffering but providing hands-on, real strategies for overcoming those challenges. Jay is a reader, a former monk, and an inspiring podcaster. Much of his work has gone viral, creating accessible tools for those who need support.

What helps Jay’s messages stand out is the storytelling aspect of them. Often posts about real, everyday life and the things he sees around him, Jay brings core values to the center of life again. Whether it’s about the overuse of technology or judging others, he aims to always help people be the best version of themselves they can be. His ultimate goal is to help people find their purpose – not something created for them, but what is truly their own purpose in day-to-day life.

Take a moment to listen to Jay right here.

5. Frederick Penney – Radio Law Talk

It’s quite interesting what can happen when you listen to a podcast conducted by a team of attorneys. Frederick Penney hosts Radio Law Talk, and there are many factors making this a top-rated podcast, including the simple ability for listeners to reach out to real attorneys, listen to them talk about the latest legal news. Radio Law Talk is also entertaining and fun hearing experienced lawyers put their spin on things.

To add to the value one can tap into at Radio Law Talk, they are real people. They get life, and they offer a truly interesting and many times fun focus to the content they create. The topics are numerous – a game called case or no case, to frauds and schemes, and even personal injury cases. They even break into legal matters happening in the celebrity world (with a ‘real lawyer’ spin to them).

For a fun and informative listen, check out the next episode of Radio Law Talk today!

6. Scott Clary – Success Story Podcast

The Success Story with Scott D. Clary is a podcast focused on sales, marketing, startup, and entrepreneurship success. Scott Clary is an educator and speaker but found his success as an entrepreneur and executive. This podcast provides an inside look at the lessons he’s learned over his time building business success.

Scott dives deep into his own successes, but what really makes this podcast a must is the interviews he conducts with numerous other successful professionals, all with the goal of revealing their tactical strategies for success. His podcasts include chats with celebrities and other notable figures, and even a few politicians, all with the same focus of finding out where their success comes from. One of the nice components of the Success Story podcast is the real information shared in a way that everyone can unpack and dive into it.

You can catch the Success Story with Scott D. Clary here.

7. Princeton Clark – Evolved Mastery

Princeton Clark offers a podcast that’s changing lives and views. For the past 17 years, he’s worked with people around the world, helping them to find their best way forward. He’s a self-mastery coach and the founder of Evolved Mastery. In his podcast, he teaches what self-mastery is, how to use it, and how to benefit from it – creating resounding change in daily life that enables profound change and insights.

Why choose what he says? Princeton Clark is a contracted coach for others, including Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. He’s also a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and family man. Each episode of his podcast takes a look at wisdom for daily life, from overcoming addiction to bettering the world by employing your own talents. Brash, honest, but motivating and offering real-world solutions, this is a podcast for those who want to see change.

You’ll love this podcast – tune in here for a listen today.

8. Shel Cierra – Shel It Like It Is

Mental freedom is the core concept of the Shel It Like It Is podcast, created by Shel Cierra. She does an excellent job of promoting a healthier mental state through real strategies and useful tools. She focuses on helping adolescents and adults. There are podcasts that will draw a tear and others that will have the listener ready to take on their hardest challenges. The core component of the Shel It Like It Is conversation is problem-solving — developing real skills that apply to daily life that can help a person overcome the obstacles they are facing right now.

One of the ways Shel creates engaging content is by providing a first-hand level of experience to mental health. It’s not about the simple “pat-on-your-hand” style of dealing with mental anguish but teaching adolescents, especially how to overcome their challenges. They don’t have to feel alone or battle what life throws at them by just dealing with it.

You can catch a listen to Shel It Like It Is right here.

9. Traver Boehm – The UNcivilized Podcast

The UNcivilized Podcast is not your average feel good podcast. It’s not designed to be simple or easy to give into. Rather, it aims to support people who unapologetically want to create their own way of life, build on their passions, and create an adventure for themselves and their families. It’s about integrity at the highest level, with a deep-down goal of being part of something bigger in the world rather than the average 9 to 5 day.

The founder of the Uncivilized Movement is Traver Boehm. The podcast aims to give people (men specifically) the ability to stand out from the crowd. They don’t have to be a lone wolf or a person who is the “sensitive new age “nice guy.” It focuses on providing men with options so that they can overcome what hurts them the most. Boehm believes that men who live by society’s rules of what a man should be are often faced with alcoholism, obesity, and other challenges. In this podcast, he offers another take and truth – how to stop feeling stuck.

Catch Traver now right here.

10. Jordan Harbinger – The Jordan Harbinger Show

‎The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts is the type of podcast right for those who want to hear from others – whether that’s top athletes or scientists. He’s managed to bring in some big names for deep conversations, including entertainers like Dennis Quaid and Moby, scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, and athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk, and Dennis Rodman. He’s spoken to Mark Cuban and Simon Sinek, among many others.

Jordan Harbinger aims to get into the minds of those who have done well to create a better understanding of what it takes. He talks to those who are at the top of their game, finding out what it takes to get there and stay there. At the same time, he is very personable, upbeat, and motivational. Listeners leave this conversation with a smile and a hopeful mind, often having learned something they didn’t know about their favorite big names.

Take a listen today. Find the podcast here.

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