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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies To Look Out For In 2022

The digital marketing industry is growing and evolving as we speak. It’s now not only about traditional advertising, but also includes many new channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, social media optimization, graphic and web design, and more. In this post, we will talk about 10 of the most prominent agencies that are worth checking out in 2021!

  1.  WebFX

Combining their technology platform and expert online marketing team gives their clients an unfair advantage over the competition. As a leader in SEO, PPC, social, marketplaces, and web design services, WebFX’s agency prides itself on driving qualified traffic, converting visitors, and using cutting-edge technology to measure effectiveness to deliver real results for their clients.

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    2. Thrive 

As a digital marketing agency, Thrive Marketing Agency strives to understand its client’s business goals first. Then all decisions are made with those goals in mind. According to a spokesperson at Thrive, “A shiny new website is worthless if it doesn’t help you reach your goals. When our clients talk, we listen… then we throw in lots of ideas for improvement.”

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 3.  7 Generation Impacts

Rowan VanGoda, the founder of 7 Generation Impacts, is one to look out for. Not only is he leading the fight for trans entrepreneurship, but he’s also fighting for the little guy everywhere. Tired of watching small companies fight for SEO, he’s found a way around it with his company’s newest service, The Map Pack, that gets local businesses front and center on Google Maps. According to Rowan, “Over 45% of searches have local intent, so why not bring the business to the people who need it most?”

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4. Open Season Marketing Agency

Open Season Agency excels as a full-service digital marketing agency that’s sole purpose is to help others elevate. As a spokesperson noted, “We win when our clients win.”

From getting their clients featured in some of the top press publications and podcast tours to SEO, digital ads, graphic design, and so much more, they not only create fame and influence, but they also help some maintain and stay in the spotlight.

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 5. Hard Work Prevails

Skylar Dodson, the founder of the Hard Work Prevails Agency, puts his focus on Ecom Businesses. With a massive network of people and influencers behind his back, they not only can boost the social presence of their clients, “We also are getting positive ROI for our clients right away and often have clients going from $10k in ad spend to over $50k,” Skylar says, just from the results his agency has been able to produce for their clients.

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   6. IDAMARIS & Co.

Launched in April 2021, IDAMARIS & Co. is a fast-growing full-scale digital marketing agency that provides high-end copywriting and digital marketing services. According to Founder and CEO, Rana Hijazi, “value-centricity and excellence are our key values. We ensure that every partnership with our clients is managed in a carefully individualized process, with purpose in each step of the strategic plan.”

It is through these values, amongst others, that the team behind IDAMARIS & Co. is able to help their clients embrace the digital era

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  7. Camaraderie Agency

Reanna Moon is the founder of Camaraderie Agency, a full-service agency focusing on branding and business marketing. According to Reanna, “Through the last seven years of my nursing career, I always felt, if only we all had more feeling of camaraderie towards each other, we’d have the support to strive in our careers, so I started this agency and named it Camaraderie Agency because I want people to feel supported through whatever phase they are in with their business.”

Camaraderie Agency can do it all, from SEO to Digital Ads. They help diagnose businesses and brands get into the spotlight they deserve through a unique nursing process!

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  8. SMR Marketing Agency

With numerous combined years of experience in retail and general marketing, Susan Roelke, the Founder of SMR Marketing Agency has converted her knowledge to the digital world of marketing. Susan has been able to travel all over the U.S. and parts of Europe creating and retaining relationships along the way. SMR Marketing Agency is a full-service agency, focusing on building and scaling brands.

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 9. Cdells Marketing Agency

Cdells Marketing Agency is a full-service agency focusing on helping personalities boost their online presence through services by targeting social media growth and outreach. Cdells Marketing Agency also helps their clients by getting them featured in top-tier press publications to increase overall brand awareness and credibility. As Cordell says, “Don’t settle for less. Be the best.”

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10. Webby Central 

Since its inception in 2013, Webby Central has been delivering purpose-driven digital growth solutions to SMEs and large enterprises and helping them to have a strong foothold online. Being a leading online growth company with offices in Walpole, Boston, and New York, Webby specializes in high-end services in the spectrum of ROI-driven business consultations, web design, web development, mobile app development, branding, and growth marketing.

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