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Third Eye Apes – The Best New NFT

Third Eye Apes are the hottest new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with utility. They have a great roadmap and already have partnerships lined up for their token, such as ETH giveaways, a Super Car giveaway, five automated amazon stores a month gifted to holders, and purchase of an island in the metaverse owned and led by holders. 

Third Eye Apes (T.E.A.) is changing the NFT game by combining big promos, exciting future potential, fun live events, and fantastic art. With the exponential growth of Crypto Punks, Mutant Apes, and Bored Apes, Third Eye Apes is ready to come in and explode to the next level.

T.E.A. are some of “the wisest apes in the meta” with plans to “enlighten all those of the future of NFTs, V.R. and the metaverse.” You should be ready to jump on board and be a part of the project if you are wise.

T.E.A. isn’t just an awesome-looking piece of digital art, but it also has some of the best digital utility. Third Eye holders will stake their NFTS in exchange for a native token, $TEAS unique to the community. This can be used for several future utilities, such as breeding.

Unlike any other project, Holders will own 33% staked off the rarity of their Apes in the form of a metaverse island. With the rarest ape holder getting a whopping 7% allotment!

With their desire to give back and help others, the T.E.A. community looks to provide absolute financial freedom for all members. To help contribute to this, they give automated e-commerce stores in exchange for staking their ape.

Other aspects of this project include community exclusive investment Opportunities and business opportunities, giving away a Lamborghini Urus, and more!

With a team of expert creatives and seasoned marketing veterans, including @GMONEY and @DEIONDRE, they are excited to bring a fantastic NFT with a true utility to the marketplace. This isn’t about clout; it’s about building a community of value and utility.

By Adding real-life utility such as equity in an investment fund for holder’s, digital island equity for holders, or even exclusive live events all over the world, T.E.A. will enable their community to create financial freedom and further their positive impact on the planet and play a vital role in the development of this new world.

With pre-sale launching on January 11, and the public opportunity to get in on 1/12/22, keep an eye out (or the third eye, should we say) and be prepared to take advantage of the hottest NFT project of the year!

You can learn more about them if you go to their website, head over to their Instagram, check their Twitter for updates, follow them on Facebook here, or jump into their Discord community and get involved!

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