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The Human Cost: The share of first-time homeowners hits lowest level in 41 years. But this house hunter, 33, has a plan.

The Human Cost

With student-loan payments resuming, would-be house buyers may end up rethinking buying a home

Meshawn Cisero, 33, is looking to buy a home in Houston, Texas.

Courtesy of Meshawn Cisero

As student-loan payments are set to resume, Houston-based house hunter Meshawn Cisero is looking over his budget with a fine-toothed comb and cutting expenses as he gears up to pay over $400 a month for his student debt.

The 33-year-old, who works as a program manager at a startup, has cut back on traveling, going out with friends, ordering food from delivery apps, sharing streaming accounts with other people, and even is holding off on buying a new car. “I’m gonna have to cut back some more, especially when the student-loan…

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