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The Economy at a Crossroads: Here’s What’s Ahead

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This has been a very odd year. Lots of pundits were predicting a bad stock market for the first part of this year as inflation and high interest rates pushed the economy into a recession.


At the end of July, the S&P 500 was up nearly 20%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite was up 30%.

Another thing the pundits advised: The Fed would stop raising interest rates by mid-year. Some “experts” even thought they’d be falling by now.


On July 26 we got yet another boost in interest rates. They’re now higher than they’ve been in a generation.

So, is there a recession on the horizon? Or will we have a soft landing, with the economy slowing enough to defeat inflation but avoid a severe downturn? Is the Fed done raising rates? Is it too late to get into stocks?

These are a few of the things we’re going to explore in this special podcast episode.

Host Stacy Johnson is joined by financial journalist Miranda Marquit. Listening in and sometimes contributing is producer Aaron Freeman. This week’s special guest is Stash Graham, managing director and chief investment officer with Graham Capital Wealth Management.

As you listen, remember, this isn’t financial advice. So make sure to do your own research and consult your own experts before acting on anything you hear.

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Meet this week’s guest, Stash Graham

Courtesy of Stash Graham / Money Talks News

Stash Graham is managing director of Graham Capital Wealth Management and has over 16 years of experience in the asset management space.

Graham is a seasoned asset manager whose experience includes both public and private markets. He started his career as a financial analyst at Health and Estate Advisors before serving as a vice president of Investments at J.P. Turner prior to the founding of Graham Capital Wealth Management in 2016. Graham holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in finance from La Salle University, as well as a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins University.

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About the hosts

Stacy Johnson founded Money Talks News in 1991. He’s a CPA, and he has also earned licenses in stocks, commodities, options principal, mutual funds, life insurance, securities supervisor and real estate.

Miranda Marquit, MBA, is a financial expert, writer and speaker. She’s been covering personal finance and investing topics for almost 20 years. When not writing and podcasting, she enjoys travel, reading and the outdoors.

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