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The 10 Best Things to Buy in Early November — and 4 to Avoid

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When it comes to shopping in November, most people probably think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Those are everywhere at the end of the month, but great deal opportunities are also available before then.

Check out our guide on what to buy in November 2023 before Black Friday, as well as what you should shop for in the coming months instead.

Want to find out more about Black Friday savings while you’re at it? See our list of the best stores for shopping online Black Friday deals, along with our Black Friday 2023 deal previews. Also check out our guide on what to buy every month of the year, so you’ll know how to save whenever you shop!

The 10 Best Things to Buy in Early November

1. Halloween Leftovers

Whether you’re looking for discounted decor, candy, or even costumes, November 1 is when those deep savings really show up in the form of after-Halloween sales.

While stores like Target have noteworthy deals throughout October on all things spooky, the best discounts don’t usually appear until the day after the holiday. Watch for discounts as high as 70% off on creepy candies like Witch’s Brew Kit Kat bars, Ghoulish Green Snickers, and others, plus pumpkin- and ghost-shaped goodies.

Looking for decorations and costumes on the cheap? Initial discounts should be at least 50% off, but they could go as high as 75% off or even 80% off, depending on where you shop. For instance, Spirit Halloween (and stores like it) will likely have some of the biggest discounts as they try to clear out stock before closing their doors for the year.

Be aware that because discounts will pop up throughout October, the selection may have dwindled by the time Halloween rolls around. So it’s best to shop as soon as possible on November 1 to get your hands on the good stuff.

If you wait too long, discounts can get better, but the selection will only get worse. Wait too long and you’ll be able to save 80% or more — but only on the castoffs that no one else wanted.

2. Early Black Friday Deals

Shoppers could take advantage of early Black Friday deals in 2022 even before the month of November. This fall, we saw Black Friday-branded events pop up as soon as October 9.

With a variety of retailers already hosting early sales, there’s no doubt they’ll continue to pop up as we get closer to the holiday itself. And that means you may not have to wait to find a great deal. Instead, take the time to take a look at any you come across to see if deals within them worth grabbing. As a bonus, you’ll be able to avoid the potential chaos of shopping on Black Friday itself.

Even if most stores aren’t using Black Friday language yet, the deals are reflecting what we normally see around the big event. For instance, Amazon has already offered 50% off the latest version of its Fire TV Stick in October, dropping the price to around $20.

Amazon also hosted another October Prime-exclusive event called Prime Big Deal Days in 2023, while Target held its own Circle Week event and Best Buy focused on deals for the entire month for members of its loyalty program.

Needless to say, holiday shopping is in full swing now, so the Black Friday deals should just keep coming.

3. Veterans Day Sales

Veterans Day events used to serve as the last big shopping opportunity before Black Friday rolled around, but now they’re just extra November sales in a discount-heavy season.

These tend to pop up before the holiday itself, much like what happens with any other shopping event. Last year, we saw Veterans Day sales pop up around November 2; Veterans Day itself happens annually on November 11.

Don’t expect these to be the best offers of the year, or even of the season, but they’re still worth checking out if you’re getting into your holiday shopping early. Last year, we saw deals like the following:

  • Up to 50% off sitewide at Blinds.com
  • 40% off regular-priced items and an extra 50% off clearance at Eddie Bauer
  • Up to 40% off at Skechers
  • Up to $700 off at Rooms To Go

One noteworthy Veterans Day deal already announced for 2023 comes from the National Park Service. November 11 is a free entrance day in the national parks, and according to the NPS, that means “all National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone.”

And if you’re a veteran yourself, check out our list of the best military discounts, so you can save in November and throughout the year.

4. Baking Supplies

If you enjoy baking during the holiday season, know that we should start seeing plenty of deals in November on staple ingredients.

Regularly check your local grocery ads and take advantage of nonperishable items that go on sale, like canned pumpkin, marshmallows, green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and fried onions.

Be aware that some standard groceries could be in short supply for the holiday season for a variety of reasons. We’ve seen reports that shortages of butter, flour, beef, aluminum canned goods, and other items could happen this year, and those could significantly affect many people’s holiday plans.

Even if you can find these items in your local grocery store, you may want to be prepared to pay more — and that can cut into your holiday budget overall. Why are we worried about these items in particular? They’re on the list of concerns due to various climate issues, supply chain challenges, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

5. Wedding Dresses

It may seem like a weird time to be thinking about weddings, unless you’re getting married soon. But this time of year is when dress retailers are typically trying to clear out last season’s stock.

If you need a dress, it’s a good time to start looking, as you may be able to find even better discounts as stores try to make room for new looks in the new year.

In general, expect November discounts to range from 20% off to 40% off, although clearance racks could see savings of up to 80% off.

6. Cookware

If thinking about cooking for the holidays has you questioning your current cookware collection, know that November is a good time to buy new pieces. This time last year, we saw a significant amount of cookware deals, with about one-third of them earning our Staff Pick badge.

Watch for standout offers to include ones like a stainless steel 3.5-quart saucepan for just $10, a nonstick turkey roaster and rack for $12, a 16″ pre-seasoned cast iron grill for $13, and a 15-piece glass bakeware set for $25. Many of the best deals we saw last year were at Macy’s, but Kohl’s and Target were also worth shopping.

7. Home Services

There’s a good chance you could see significant discounts on different kinds of home services in November, depending on where you live.

When temperatures start to cool, demand for home services goes down, so contractors and other professionals may be willing to work with you on pricing projects you have in mind.

They could also be offering discounts in general with demand down, so check around and see what kinds of promotions are available in your area.

8. Main Dishes for Holiday Celebrations

If you have turkey every year for your holiday celebrations, the good news is prices should be lower this year compared to 2022. According to industry experts, average turkey prices are down 22% compared to August of last year, which should mean a little relief for your holiday budget.

If you prefer beef for your holiday gatherings, be prepared to pay a lot more, though. Beef prices have increased this year due to higher costs and supply issues. While that’s bad enough for cheaper cuts and items like burgers, it’s going to be much worse for more expensive cuts, which could make holiday specials like standing rib roast harder to swallow this year.

9. Food Storage Containers

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, but at the same time, some consumers may not think about picking up food storage containers for cheap early in November.

Be prepared to shop stores like Target, where you could find a 30-piece Rubbermaid set for just $9 or a 22-piece glass Pyrex set for $22. Amazon, meanwhile, could offer up a 6-piece Anchor Hocking glass set for as little as $6.

10. Seasonal Produce

If you think fresh produce is off the table now that temps are cooling in many places, you’ll be happy to know that’s not the case.

Expect the best fresh veggies in November to include beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, mushrooms, parsnips, pumpkins, rutabagas, spinach, sweet potatoes, turnips, and winter squash.

And if you’re on the hunt for the freshest fruit, look for cranberries, oranges, pears, persimmons, pomegranates, and tangerines.

And if you want to shop local, check out your state’s produce guide for the best items to find near you.

And 1 Thing to Consider Buying in November

BOGO Gift Cards

We may not see a ton of them this month, but it’s a good idea to start watching for deals on gift cards.

We’ll likely start seeing the “buy one, get one” promotions start up around Black Friday. But they could start sooner, so follow your favorite brands and take advantage of these bonus gift card deals when they pop up.

Remember that these promotions involve buying a certain amount in gift cards to receive a bonus card. And while gift cards typically don’t expire, the bonus cards will be very specific about when you can use them.

4 Things NOT to Buy in November

Dated Collectibles

When to buy: Late December

Why: Think dated Christmas ornaments especially for this category. While some deals will pop up around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, by late December, we’re expecting retailers to try to clear out the remaining 2023 items because demand will be on its way out.

Winter Clothing

When to buy: January

Why: Black Friday will likely have some deals on winter-suitable apparel, but January should bring more offers in general, so consider holding off until then.

Exercise Equipment

When to buy: January

Why: The new year brings health-related resolutions for many people, so exercise equipment tends to go on sale around that time.

Bedding and Linens

When to buy: January

Why: January is traditionally when we see white sales pop up, so if you need new bedding, linens, and other soft home goods, hold off until then for better discounts.

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