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Tesla shares slide as HSBC issues ‘reduce’ rating and strike threats loom

Tesla shares slide as HSBC issues 'reduce' rating and strike threats loom © Reuters.

NEW YORK – Tesla (NASDAQ:) Inc. is navigating a challenging period marked by a recent downgrade from HSBC Global and ongoing labor disputes in Europe. The investment bank’s “reduce” rating and $146 price target for Tesla’s shares, announced on Thursday, have raised concerns over CEO Elon Musk’s leadership and the optimism reflected in the company’s stock value.

Following HSBC’s assessment, Tesla’s stock fell by 5%, signaling worry among investors, particularly those who purchased shares at around $220. The decline also influenced trading algorithms, suggesting that short-selling could become a tactical approach for some traders.

The labor unrest adds another layer of complexity to Tesla’s situation. In Sweden, unions are demanding collective bargaining agreements for service division employees, leading to strikes and blockades at Tesla service centers. With a deadline of November 17 looming for an agreement, the threat of action by dockworkers and charging station employees in Norway increases the pressure on the electric vehicle manufacturer.

In the United States, President Biden expressed his support for the United Auto Workers (UAW) in their efforts to secure collective agreements with companies like Tesla. Looking ahead, UAW President Fain anticipates broader negotiations in 2028.

Despite these headwinds, Tesla is looking towards its Cybertruck event at the end of November as a pivotal moment. Early reviews have criticized the vehicle’s build quality and design, but HSBC suggests that if development progresses faster than expected, it could lead to a positive reevaluation of the company’s prospects.

HSBC analysts have pointed out that while Tesla faces fewer challenges than traditional auto companies in its core automotive business, the success of its innovative projects is crucial to maintaining its high valuation. There are concerns that delays or doubts in these projects could pose risks to the company’s stock performance.

As Tesla approaches its Cybertruck showcase amid labor disputes and market scrutiny, investors are advised to diversify their portfolios and stay informed about potential operational disruptions and regulatory changes that could impact the company’s future. The event is anticipated to be a significant indicator of Tesla’s ability to continue leading in cost efficiency within the electric vehicle sector and could influence market sentiment towards the company’s shares.

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