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Stress-Less With Catherine Kaufer, A Leading Luxury Real Estate Advisor Whose Booming Business Puts Clients First

Catherine Kaufer, California’s top-rated real estate broker and highly recommended realtor in Reno, Nevada, is not your average expert when it comes to embracing new beginnings. With a generous heart, the real estate agent, developer, and founder of Mini and Me Ministries, a non-profit pet therapy organization, has devoted her life to teaching, guiding, and directing clients to achieve their dreams.

They say every passing moment is another chance to turn it around. And when you are on the verge of starting a new chapter in your life that requires you to potentially leave one behind, what better way to do so than by finding your next perfect home? Beyond that, it’s where memories are made, identities are born, and transformations take place.

But selling a house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. This is because the unknown is hugely nerve-racking. Dealing with change as a buyer or seller can feel daunting in a world full of endless possibilities. But winners keep winning because they surround themselves with other winners. So hiring someone in the real estate industry will be your best decision. 

You see, it’s about taking that first step toward success with someone who values your expectations to the highest degree. What matters most is someone who devotes their life to teaching, guiding, and directing you toward achieving your goals. 

One individual whose name shines bright in Northern California and Reno, Nevada, is none other than real estate agent, developer, mother, and philanthropist Catherine Kaufer. With a win-win attitude and a heart-felt reputation, it’s easy to see why the East Bay-born star is ranked in the top 2% Nationwide.

“Your property has a story that needs to be told. And I want to help tell that story,” shares Kaufer. “I love helping clients start or continue their stories by helping them reach their goals.”

Catherine Kaufer is not your traditional realtor who simply buys or sells you real estate. She provides clients with various options to choose from. Besides leading with loyalties, the mighty healer, leader, and expert in the field continuously educates herself “to learn different ways to help clients and bring value to any situation.”

And she does this by taking her clients turned friends above and beyond. Due to the construction experience, Kaufer gained from her late husband’s company, alongside her passion for working as a real estate broker and a licensed realtor, the award-winning business boss has helped her clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I’ve won awards during the last twenty-plus years and have been recognized by numerous publications as a top performer in the Northern California & Reno, Nevada Luxury Real Estate Markets,” says Kaufer proudly, “I am also a Senior Transitional Specialist, where I help seniors eliminate the stress of selling their homes as well their families that have loved ones moving into senior living.”

From being a multi-year recipient of the Executive Circle Award and ranked in America’s top 100 real estate agents to owning a five-star real estate business since 2012, Catherine Kaufer has proven time and time again that your passion and purpose in life will take you to the top. Now, despite facing diverse challenges, Kaufer lifted herself back up and advanced into a consummate real estate professional for good.

“Many realtors just tell their clients to redo their carpet and re-paint their walls. But thanks to my construction background, I will always know if there’s something more going on,” says Kaufer, “for example, for my buyers, I will ensure they are aware of any hidden or damaged building utilities whereas, for my sellers, I get them prepared for what a buyer may see.”

Behind change comes natural stress. And this can easily come knocking on your door when talking about cost. Most home sellers have a target price they’re aiming for when they put their house on the market. But without professional help, people often feel anxious when wondering what might happen if they don’t sell their home for the right price. 

However, with a life coaching license under her belt, Kaufer’s expert knowledge and educated experience enable her to give clients a ballpark figure so that when “they’re doing their inspections and getting quotes, they’re not surprised.”

But knowing a figure is not always enough. 

“I take on the hard work of ensuring things run smoothly so they can focus on moving. It is here that I also offer my pet therapy if the person wants to talk about anything affecting them mentally or emotionally,” explains Kaufer. 

After facing a significant loss in her family’s life in 2015, Kaufer needed to figure out her next move in the real estate industry without her husband and business partner by her side. At that point, the real estate advisor and mother of two knew she needed to make a change. “I asked God to help me to grieve well so I could be brave and find my true purpose and independence,” shares Kaufer. 

During her grieving process, Catherine Kaufer discovered the tremendous value of healing with Animal Assisted Therapy thanks to Theo, her miniature Australian Shepherd, and Zebedee, her miniature horse. The love, endless smiles, and feelings of hope felt by her beloved pets sparked the idea to launch her non-profit organization, Mini and Me Ministries.

Now, anyone feeling anxious or stressed about starting a new chapter in life can lean on Kaufer as she supports people in their journey toward emotional healing and health improvement – all thanks to an incredible human-animal bond.

“Together, we are committed to providing emotional support and mental healthcare through Animal-Assisted Intervention aided by my counseling experience,” explains Kaufer, “I have always had a servant’s heart and wanted to improve things for those around me. I feel that my love for real estate and pet therapy are a winning combination.” 

The rise to regaining her passion in real estate was something Kaufer never thought would return. But today, the philanthropist and real estate advisor is giving back hope to those longing to heal, transform and start anew.

For more information, visit Catherine Kaufer’s website, or for those longing to create a new chapter in their lives, visit her real estate website. Step onto Kaufer’s pet therapy website or follow her on Instagram to begin your healing journey.

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