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State Farm Mutual buys $5m in Tidal ETF Trust shares

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co, a significant investor in financial markets, has recently expanded its portfolio by purchasing shares of Tidal ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:VETZ). On July 10, 2024, the company acquired 251,000 shares of the exchange-traded fund at a price of $19.96 per share, amounting to a total investment of nearly $5.01 million.

This latest transaction has increased State Farm Mutual’s holdings in Tidal ETF Trust to 771,000 shares, reflecting a confident move in the ETF’s potential. The purchase was disclosed in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which provides public transparency on the trading activities of corporate insiders and significant shareholders.

Investors often keep an eye on such transactions as they may signal the company’s strategic direction and the value it sees in the ETF. While the reasons behind State Farm Mutual’s decision to increase its stake in Tidal ETF Trust were not detailed in the filing, the sizable investment suggests a positive outlook on the fund’s performance.

The transaction was signed off by Joseph P. Young, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of State Farm Mutual, indicating the purchase was made at an executive level. As a ten percent owner of Tidal ETF Trust, State Farm Mutual’s investment decisions are closely watched by market participants for insights into the ETF’s future.

Tidal ETF Trust, trading under the ticker VETZ, is part of the growing ETF market that offers investors diversified exposure to a range of assets. State Farm Mutual’s latest acquisition of VETZ shares is a noteworthy development for both current and potential investors of the fund.

InvestingPro Insights

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co’s recent purchase of Tidal ETF Trust (VETZ) shares has caught the attention of market watchers, as the insurance giant increases its exposure to the ETF market. The move comes at a time when VETZ has demonstrated resilience over varying time frames. Specifically, VETZ has experienced a 1-week price total return of 0.64% and a modest 1-month price total return of 0.73%, indicating recent upward momentum. Over a longer period, the 3-month price total return stands at 1.84%, showcasing sustained performance despite a slight decline in the 6-month price total return of -1.05%. Year-to-date, the ETF has seen a decrease of -1.83%, yet over a 1-year period, it has managed to maintain a positive return of 0.32%.

With the previous close price at $19.97, investors like State Farm Mutual are showing confidence in the ETF’s value proposition. The average daily volume over the past three months is around 0.02 million shares, suggesting a relatively stable trading environment for VETZ. These metrics can be particularly insightful for investors looking to gauge the fund’s recent market activity and liquidity.

An InvestingPro Tip highlights that analyzing price total returns across different time horizons can provide a more nuanced understanding of an ETF’s performance, which may be a factor in State Farm Mutual’s recent investment decision. Additionally, the average daily volume metric offers a glimpse into the trading interest and potential ease of entry or exit for investors.

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