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Making The Real Estate Industry Greener One Real Estate Developer At A Time

The past two years have provided new and unique ways for organizations across industries to move their operational practices deeper into a digital-first  model. One of them – the Real Estate industry, was already moving into an age of digital transformation and the pandemic has only served to further launch them into mainstream use. Streamlining inefficient processes has become a mantra in 2021, and CEOs across many industries have reported their renewed focus on sustainability, a happy byproduct of digitization and in the real estate world, Spark has led the way.

Spark is a SaaS company developing a full suite of innovative products that advance the way real estate developments are sold, marketed and managed. A primary goal of Spark’s products is to cut waste without cutting the human side of real estate. In 2021, they doubled down on that objective, launching a tree planting in partnership with Tree Canada with the goal of planting one tree for each digital transaction made through Spark. 

Real Estate Contracts – A Paper-Heavy Proposition

Real estate contracts vary from one region to the next, but one feature remains central – paperwork. It takes multiple pages of contracts, liens and addendum to sell a single piece of real estate. Add in the type of contracts necessary for new development sales and you have a lot of paper created. This industry is responsible for millions of sheets of paper, many of which end up shredded.

Enter Spark – Making Real Estate Greener Through Digital Practices

Spark’s focus pushed them to become DocuSign’s first new development real estate partner, allowing them to launch their Digital Contract feature five years ago.

Reflecting back on 2021, Spark has helped new development brokerages and marketing agencies complete the transaction of over 17,000 homes  – meaning over 8.5 million sheets of paper have been saved through their Digital Transaction feature.

Looking to the Future of Real Estate and Sustainability

As Spark looks ahead to the future and its software offerings, it is ready to offer smarter, more powerful solutions for new development and multi-family developers, marketers, brokerages and homebuilders. Within the next year, Spark will launch The Digital Transaction Suite, it’s newest feature aimed to help the New Development industry sell more homes, faster. 

The Digital Transaction Suite will include a  KYC/AML compliant Identity Authentication feature positioned to revolutionize the new development real estate world and push it further into the digital revolution.

What Is the Digital Transaction Suite?

The Digital Transaction Suite eliminates the need for spreadsheets, paper and frustrated sales people in the real estate sales process by providing a better way forward allowing them to handle transactions digitally in a faster, more direct way.

Spark allows developers to create, execute and complete contracts in a digital format, so they can get signatures and close transactions from any location without the need for hundreds of pages of paper. This digitized model is paving the way to transform one of the last remaining paper-waste holdout industries, the real estate world.

The Digital Transaction Suite Will Revolutionize the Homebuilder and Developer Marketplace

Spark works with multi-family developers, homebuilders and marketing agencies across the globe to help them embrace the digital era. Properties like Arte Surfeside in Miami, Florida can reach target buyers easier and without a lengthy paper trail. This helps properties to be truly able to be sustainable and green-focused, which further appeals to their target audiences.

Developers and agencies like the Terra Group and GFO Investments have partnered with Spark’s  platform to better manage their own work. Because Spark validates data, duplicate data is removed and sales teams ,never have to waste time cleaning databases.

“Our goal is to build a software ecosystem that new development companies can use to manage their user data, contracts and customer interactions from one central location, with a high level of accuracy and a dedication to sustainability,” said a Spark spokesperson.

“We are pushing the new development industry forward into the digital era, so they can embrace the digital revolution in full force, cutting their paper waste, and streamlining their operations, all at the same time.”

With 8.5 million sheets of paper saved in home contracts in 2021, Spark is already setting a precedent. With Digital Transaction Suite, the company will put that same focus into the new development brokerages industry, giving them a powerful CRM software that leads the industry in terms of eco-friendliness and paper savings.

Now is the time for the real estate industry to enter the digital revolution and Spark is providing the foundation.

To learn more, visit https://spark.re/

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