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Solar Launches SXP Blockchain Mainnet; Prompts for Growth

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Cryptocurrency20 minutes ago (Apr 14, 2022 05:30AM ET)

Solar Launches SXP Blockchain Mainnet; Prompts for Growth Solar Launches SXP Blockchain Mainnet; Prompts for Growth

    • Solar blockchain network launches SXP blockchain mainnet on its platform.
    • This will make SXP as Solar’s native token.
    • A major exchange will also list SXP in Q2, aimed at US traders.

The solar blockchain network has gained everyone’s attention as it recently initiated the SXP blockchain mainnet launch with SXP serving as the native coin.

The platform serves users with projects such as: a new sustainable, open-source Layer-1 blockchain platform, a suite of open-source tools that allow the community to operate fully decentralized, and a platform for the next generation of blockchain initiatives, including support for NFT and metaverse concepts.

This decentralized bridge passed the internal audit successfully and has now officially gone live. Users who own the SXP token on BEP20 or ERC20 can now exchange their tokens for SXP mainnet coins. They can vote for a delegate, stake their coins, receive forging rewards, and participate in new features that will be introduced in Q2.

Currently, the swap is available to Metamask users, exchange operators, and wallet providers. The team will be introducing support for Trust Wallet customers in the near future. An innovative aspect of SXP staking is that the users’ funds are not locked nor transferred to delegates. The users retain control of their funds as well as their ability to vote and unvote as desired.

As funds are delivered and received, a user’s vote-weight adjusts automatically, and there is no requirement to re-vote or un-stake either. To modify their vote, a user can just un-vote their existing delegate and cast a new vote transaction if desired.

Prior to the mainnet launch, Solar had already been working on forming key strategic collaborations. Following its official mainnet launch on March 28, 2022, Solar has already partnered with a startup exchange that shall list all projects created on SXP. A major exchange will list SXP in Q2 which will primarily target U.S traders.

Moreover, users can also take advantage of some truly innovative features on the SXP blockchain such as: creating fungible tokens similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 and ERC712 standards, protocol-based burning mechanisms, and a range of other tools to build on-chain launchpads, governance modules, and interacting with the project’s own metaverse.

To add, the Solar team said that it has every intention of challenging more established blockchain initiatives and staking its claim as a top project in this space.

Solar is a blockchain that uses the SXP native coin. It is a blockchain initiative driven by a decentralized community with a team that is working toward establishing an ecosystem that has real governance and is also truly decentralized.

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