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Peter Crone, The Mind Architect, Can Help You Become a Liberated YOU in 2022!

A Six-Month Journey With Peter Crone Will Lead Those That Commit To Living A Life Based In Freedom, Love, and Vitality

Being face-to-face, even virtually, with Peter Crone, known for his work as a life transformation expert, spiritual teacher, and mind and body wellness coach, is an experience of being in the presence of greatness. His self-assured honesty is cloaked in loving-kindness, quite a combination for a man known as The Mind Architect.

When asked if everyone should have a coach, Crone says, “The short response is yes.” He goes on to add, “There are so many faces to coaching. You could have a business coach, life coach, or performance coach. We all rely on one another for inspiration and instruction. We can’t all know everything. The beauty of having so much diversity in life is having the ability to lean on each other to better ourselves, which can come through friends, family, or professional help.”

Crone is publicizing his upcoming Mastermind group on social media that is geared for coaches, parents, teachers, practitioners, and leaders of all kinds. It includes six one-day-a-month live virtual meetings, from February through July, conveniently scheduled on Saturdays. “The Mastermind will reveal the subconscious narratives and limiting beliefs that dictate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so participants can learn how to enhance their health, relationships, and performance,” Crone says. “People are very excited about going on this journey. They’ll experience freedom they’ve never had before, an internal experience of peace, joy, and aliveness that often has been missing from their lives. It will help them transcend anything that’s holding them back. I’ll be showing the group things that are blocking them that they likely aren’t even aware of. The everyday issues are of course more obvious, like debt, a job that they’re not fully passionate about, or a disharmonious relationship. But, what most people can’t see is what’s beneath the surface of all of those concerns. That’s what I’m going to reveal, the subconscious constraints, which is one of the main reasons this will be such a powerful journey.”

“Mastermind participants will also be learning the mechanics of the mind,” Crone says, “I’ll actually coach individuals live in the group, and then unpack what I did so that participants who witness the process can both vicariously experience the joy, relief, and liberation themselves and witness how to do it for others. For all of the participants who want to learn how to practice what I teach in order to help people, they’ll get to understand how the process works in a priceless, behind-the-scenes way, so that they can implement it as they choose in service to others.”

Crone promises the Mastermind will also be great fun. He can be serious, but also extremely playful as those who follow him regularly see. He clearly has so much fun with his work. Clients and workshop attendees figure this out in short order and appreciate his gift for balance. Mastermind participants will become part of a community of like-minded people who are committed to living a powerful life that’s not based in fear and survival, but rather in freedom, love, and vitality.

Crone offers several workshops on his website that have helped many people, so much so that a significant number have taken ALL of them. But, he’s especially excited about the Mastermind group because it’s the first he’s hosted that will be live online, offering full engagement with him. 

“Not knowing your path IS your path,” says Crone. “Even though I’ve been given the moniker of a spiritual teacher, my work really is founded very much in physics. It’s impossible to not be on your path. It speaks to what is obvious, but very profound – you’re always where you are. When not knowing your path is a problem, the problem is caused by having a personal narrative about where you are relative to where you want to be. It’s sort of adorable, like the universe could chuckle at the fact that you think you should be somewhere else. When people suffer it’s usually more because they’re in resistance to where they are, than due to the specific circumstances they’re in. That’s a subtle but very powerful distinction.”

At the beginning of 2022, Crone wrote, “Every moment is brand new. The question is, ‘What are we going to do with it?’” He explains, “That speaks to the nature of life, which is pure possibility.  Every moment is like a blank canvas that life is generously giving us. We have the opportunity to co-create something. Most people are so busy trying to avoid the things they don’t want to happen or fixing a history they haven’t yet reconciled that they miss the opportunity that is the gift of a brand new moment.”

Crone has been an avid writer for years and is hard at work on a book that will be for sale by the last quarter of 2022. Although he is keeping the title under lock and key, he claims its theme will be the formulaic encapsulation of his work. In it he will break down the ten fundamental areas where we are constrained as humans. It will take people on a journey from limitation to freedom, from fear to love, giving birth to a new type of human being who no longer lives within the constraints of fear and suffering. 

On the subject of manifestation, a topic so many people are curious about, “It’s one of the most misunderstood forms of energy available to us and the universe,” Crone says. “Most people are under the impression that it means we have to do something. A lot of times what people want to manifest is greater wealth, imagining it will make us feel safe and secure.  But then they’re actually manifesting from an idea of themselves based on scarcity. The reason why this doesn’t work is that manifestation arises from the way we view ourselves and the frequency that creates. The universe is the world’s biggest mirror, and it reflects the energy which we consistently hold. We might have slight variations in our day-to-day, but the dominant energies that reflect the true vision of ourselves manifest effortlessly by virtue of the fact that this is the vibration we are occupying, and so our actions are simply an extension of that. Manifestation is not outside of us. It is the byproduct of the real work that I do (and will be teaching others to do), which is to shift the frequency from which we function.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Crone claims. “Without judgment, the life you have and your perceived issues with it, your shortcomings and failures, are a natural extension of who you think you are. If you want a different life, you have to be a different you.” It was for this purpose that Crone is offering his Mastermind group, to help you be a different you. 

Crone is quoted as saying, “You can’t create the life of someone you don’t yet believe yourself to be.” His point is we’re limited by the narratives we tell ourselves. His work is to shatter that persona, revealing that the stories we tell ourselves about not being good enough are simply not true.

When asked if the process of having our persona shattered is painful, Crone smiles, and pragmatically says: “It’s like a person coming out of prison.There might be some trepidation as they contemplate what they’ll do next, but their deep experience is of freedom, full possibility and excitement. Likewise, the shattering of a person’s constraints is one of the most liberating experiences anyone can go through!”

With an impressive social media presence, Crone has been photographed and featured as a prominent life transformation expert. It’s a given that in any interaction with him, you will feel you have been in the presence of love, kindness, truth, and goodness. If you’re ready to have your persona shattered in the most liberating way and underlying narratives exposed in the healing light of Peter Crone’s coaching techniques, visit his website, sign up for his Mastermind, and find him on Instagram. His words are an invitation: “Every moment is brand new. What are you going to do with it?”

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