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Personal Finance Daily: Good news for Super Bowl party hosts: chicken-wing prices are down 22% and the number of ‘millionaire renters’ has tripled — here are the cities where they’re most likely to live

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Man sentenced to 3 ½ years for stealing IDs of LA murder-suicide victims and looting their estate

Kristopher Cobb plundered the accounts of an LA city attorney who shot his wife and son before taking his own life, after learning of the tragedy on the news. Read More

The number of ‘millionaire renters’ has tripled — here are the cities where they’re most likely to live

The typical ‘millionaire renter’ is a millennial who rents a three-bedroom, according to RentCafe. Read More

Good news for Super Bowl party hosts: Chicken-wing prices are down 22%

Some food favorites for football-watching have become less expensive, but how much cheaper would your spread be? Read More

Here are the things that drain an electric vehicle’s battery the most

For EV drivers with range anxiety, it’s helpful to know what features use up your battery power, and much of it is surprisingly different from gas cars. Read More

The industries where jobs are most at risk of layoffs in 2023

Here are the sectors where jobs are most at risk and most secure. Plus, what to do if you still have a job or are looking for one as the economy transitions. Read More

Parents: Take a new look at these recurring expenses for your kids this year

To help your money go further, you might be able to impose a few of these strategies that can reduce the costs of these common child-related expenses. Read More

Violent crime is down but car thefts are way up since the pandemic, report says

Car thefts in some cities have doubled in just four years, and seven cities have seen a nearly 30% increase in carjackings since 2019. Read More

Supreme Court’s student loan hearing looms: Here are some options to gain control of your debt—whatever the decision

The fate of up to $20,000 in student loan cancellation for over 40 million borrowers is in the hands of the Supreme Court. One group has the most to lose. Read More

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