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From MarketWatch Retirement: 

You’ve spent decades saving money for retirement. Now comes the hard part — spending it. Spending money in retirement can be stressful, but there are strategies that can help ease the anxiety.

Can you really save on taxes with year-end moves like making an extra mortgage payment? With inflation pushing up the standard deduction, little tax dodges may not be worth the work involved.

I’m 59 and have $190,000 in income in quasi-retirement. Can my wife and I live comfortably with one or two trips a year? There are a few exercises to do to help you find the answer. 

Also on MarketWatch:

I’m 65 and my retirement plans blew up when my husband died. My mom had dementia. Should I prepare for the worst?

More retirees are making the big decision to go tiny—do you have what it takes?

Midlife can be ‘dark and gooey,’ says Chip Conley. How to embrace it anyway.

For savers, the end of 2023 is different: How new rules can help you sock away even more

Sticker shock for older adults: Essential items have gone up in price by about 10%

My stepfather has dementia and has changed so much. What can I get him for Christmas?

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Research and Insight:

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How ‘Green’ Active Aging Makes For A Longer And Healthier Retirement (Forbes)

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These behavioral traits lead to greater retirement savings, research finds. Yet only 10% of workers have them (CNBC)

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Norman Lear, Charlie Munger, Rosalynn Carter and Sandra Day O’Connor lived long and impactful lives. What can they teach us?

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