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Meet Joshua Burns – CEO of Coast 2 Coast Entrepreneur Consulting, “The White Rabbit,” Who is Winning the Race Of Helping Clients Level-Up

Joshua Burns, aka The White Rabbit, works with entrepreneurs and executives to help them reach their goals, utilizing his business acumen, sales and marketing expertise, and passion for helping others

Photography: Jade Riggins

Imagine if every innovative business idea had the opportunity to be fully developed and turned into a reality. How different would the world be today? Millions of entrepreneurs are blessed with a grand vision of a product or service that they could offer to make the world a better place – but the steps between having the dream and getting it off the ground to take flight are a challenge that the majority of entrepreneurs don’t know how to accomplish. Joshua Burns, CEO of Coast 2 Coast Entrepreneur Consulting, has found his passion and purpose in life in helping businesses and start-ups come to fruition and prosper, guiding them through every step of the way.

Known as an entrepreneur consultant, Burns helps entrepreneurs – especially startup companies, invest in their businesses, guiding them on the right steps to get them started. Even in one of his own companies, Core Energy Group, he develops individuals who work under him, coaching and counseling them from ground level, preparing them to get into entrepreneurship, and readying them to work for themselves. Teaching others how to become independent contractors and helping them to develop leadership skills comes natural to him. As a mentor, he teaches them many of the same things they would learn in a business management course, but through on-the-job experience. “Just like I built my profession through direct marketing and sales, even door-to-door, they are learning and earning. I share my tricks of the trade with them. My greatest passion is helping individuals grow as entrepreneurs and gain the skill set they need to be successful. I have helped thousands of individuals!”

Burns’ personal brand is Coast to Coast Entrepreneur Consultant, for which he holds the title of CEO. He is Vice President of Sales for Core Energy Group, of which he says, “Core is the vehicle we use to generate and build the financial backing we need for other ventures we are involved in.”

Burns offers assistance to clients from many different backgrounds with a wide array of business needs. “I help clients with everything from establishing a clothing label to creating a design, finding a manufacturer, distributing products, setting up online marketing, developing a company’s back story, finding clientele, and developing brand ambassadors. I’ve helped clients launch products, create logos, set up bank accounts, and incorporate.” It is not unusual for clients to ask him for advice and direction regarding scaling their company, training their leadership teams, and providing sales motivation to enhance results.

“I have spoken to many schools at every level; elementary, junior high, and high schools,” Burns says. “I am often invited to attend career days and to speak on entrepreneurship. I love teaching and providing youngsters with common knowledge about becoming entrepreneurial at a young age. Even at a very young age, they can begin to earn a little money through experiences like selling lemonade, mowing lawns, selling candy, and washing patios.”

When asked about his personal journey as an entrepreneur, Burns says, “Entrepreneurship is in my DNA. I came from a long line of entrepreneurs. My grandfather ran his own cleaners shop in Harlem as a sole proprietor with the help of one assistant in the back of the shop.  My father owned and operated his own messenger company in New York City called Cycle Couriers. He had 15 to 20 employees doing something similar to FedEx or UPS, except on bicycles. Instead of delivering a package overnight, his company could get a package from downtown New York City to the Bronx in two to three hours. My father passed away before 9/11, and my mother stepped in to try to carry on in his absence. But, so many of his clients were located near the World Trade Center that his business never came back from that.”

As a youngster, Burns was eager to earn money and to become entrepreneurial, doing all the things he now tells youngsters to do.  To earn money, he walked dogs, mowed lawns, and sold candy. “Building my own business and creating my own brand was second nature to me,” says Burns. 

A fun fact about Joshua Burns is the story behind his nickname, the White Rabbit. While at a convention about ten years ago, he won seven out of ten awards. “When they were giving me the Manager of the Year Award, I went up to deliver my acceptance speech. I was fired-up, motivated, and trying to give a great analogy, comparing my race in the world of business to a rabbit being chased by a bunch of greyhounds. I likened myself to the rabbit in the race, trying to stay out in front, not even thinking about the greyhounds, in a race of my own. After that, the nickname stuck, and everyone started calling me “The Rabbit.”

After helping so many individuals and businesses, he has the expertise to customize the coaching and development advice he offers each client. “I sit down with them, and ask them about the goals they want to reach, their vision for their organization, and I help them break that down step-by-step.   

Countless companies and start-ups have business expert and sales coach, Joshua Burns, to thank for illuminating their path to success. To create the foundation for your next start-up idea, or take your existing business to the next level, bring The White Rabbit into your circle. 

Contact Joshua Burns, CEO of Coast 2 Coast Entrepreneur Consulting, by visiting him on his website. Additionally, check out his Instagram and Facebook for ‘Rabbit Tips’ of the week to elevate your mind and your business savvy. 

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