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Just in Time for Christmas: A Giant Costco Monopoly Game

If you are among the millions of Americans who can’t get enough of Costco, Santa has a special treat for you this year.

The legendary retailer has unveiled Costco Monopoly, a special edition of the classic board game that it says “commemorates what has made Costco a destination for 40 years.”

The oversized 22-inch-by-22-inch game board features illustrations of 22 Costco locations around the globe. It also comes with six extra-large die-cast tokens.

The tokens take the shape of common and classic Costco sights: a slice of pizza, a hotdog-and-soda combo, a large teddy bear, a membership card, a large shopping cart and a forklift.

Other Costco-themed features of the game include:

  • 12 Costco warehouse pieces (in lieu of Monopoly’s typical “hotel” pieces)
  • 32 food court table pieces (in lieu of “house” pieces)
  • 16 Gold Star member “Chance” cards
  • 16 Executive member “Community Chest” cards
  • One warehouse guide (which details each location)

The game costs $44.99 online, but Costco notes that it might be available in some warehouses for a lower price.

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