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Jeremiah ‘The Bull’ Evans, True To His “Be Great Or Be Nothing” Philosophy – Will Help You Grow Wealth And Make A Difference

Bullied as a child, Evans found the courage to stand up for himself and defend others. To him, “Alpha” isn’t gender-specific – it is about stepping into one’s power and becoming the best version of oneself financially, mentally, and physically. Evans coaches people to use their wealth, power, and influence to make the world a better place.


When you meet someone whose nickname is The Bull, it is safe to bet there will be a good backstory. In the case of Jeremiah ‘The Bull’ Evans, owner and founder of Alpha Financial Agency, a highly successful financial consulting company, there are several layers in his journey to success. He has achieved a mind-blowing amount in his twenty-six years. As an entrepreneur through and through, he can certainly spot a good investment opportunity. Evans is a powerful combination of warmth, wit, humility, compassion, ambition, motivation, benevolence, heroics, and intuition. He has multiple businesses, events, a podcast, and even a book in the works, so one of his layers includes an uncanny ability to juggle several things at once.


In Evans’ book, Alpha Hero, he shares his story and goals for his businesses. The theme his father instilled in him, “Be Great or Be Nothing”, rings true in the book’s pages as well as his instruction to become someone who would be strong enough to defend himself and others. To comprehend how deeply his father’s influence impacted him, you need to know that for years, Evans was bullied by children in his community and in his school. 


Evans’ original nickname was ‘The Fat Bull,’ a phrase coined by those victimising him. They looked for ways to humiliate him daily. He has memories of his peers standing-by watching, never finding the courage to step in to help him. His parents addressed this with school administrators to no avail. The bullying continued until one day something shifted in his father. He charged young Jeremiah with a mission to confront one of the bullies and fight back. He explained Jeremiah had been waiting for someone to come to his rescue, and the cold, hard fact was that nobody was coming to save him. But, he reassured him it would be okay, because Jeremiah was enough – he could rely on himself. “You have to become the hero in your own story,” his father said. “If a person won’t stand up for himself and others, he’s a hypocrite.” 


Just as his father directed, Evans went to the boy’s home to face off with one of his victimizers, and Evans was the winner in more ways than one. That was a turning point in his life, as he began the transformation from victim to the persona of a young man who could and would defend himself and others.


Alpha Hero’s premise is that most of us have felt alone, helpless, and taken advantage of in some form or fashion. Everyone can become the hero of their own and other people’s stories. We should make a difference in this world and not just settle for getting by and standing by doing nothing. Years earlier, Evans’ father explained that he was not the only one suffering. Those hard-earned life lessons from his childhood are woven into Alpha Hero – set for release summer 2022. 


Evans has built businesses on his “Be Great or Be Nothing” philosophy. He founded Alpha Financial Agency to help people grow their wealth by owning businesses and investing in real estate. “My goal is to create thousands of millionaires across this country who are all willing to stand up and do something to right society’s wrongs,” says Evans. “My vision is to train and coach people to use their wealth, power, and influence to make a positive difference.”

Evans has a podcast show, The Bullpen, of which Apple Podcasts says he has “hand-picked guests weekly. It’s a go-to resource for anyone willing to hustle and grind, from pushing boundaries to solving problems, and an opportunity to dive into the million-dollar mindset, politics, and society. The BULLPEN Podcast is for entrepreneurs like you!”



According to his website, “Alpha Financial Agency has generated over $50 million in sales and has helped hundreds of others build their six-figure businesses. He is an expert sales coach and a master motivator. His mission is to help others create the same success using a method Evans calls “The Tri-Force of Wealth.” This powerful strategy is the same method used by millionaires and billionaires to create their generational wealth.” 


Evans knows about generating wealth to the tune of over $50 million in sales. Last year, he was able to pay over $20 million in commissions to help many young entrepreneurs change their lives. He is not all talk and no action when it comes to making a difference. He donated well over six figures to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. According to O.U.R.’s website, they have “rescued and supported thousands of survivors in 30 countries and 50 U.S. states.” Evans is not standing by, doing nothing.


In Alpha Financial Agency, Evans coaches others to employ the ‘Tri-Force of Wealth’ method, which involves three elements: becoming a business ownerown as many businesses as possible, investing in real estate, and backing your wealth with tax-free protection –  life insurance


To young entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business, Evans says, “The easiest business to start is a sales and marketing company. Go to other companies and offer to sell their products. Generate the leads, sell the products, and earn commissions. Sales is a combination of problem-solving and good communication.” Early on, Evans sold products for multiple companies and generated a six-figure income in a short period. After proving he could be successful, he launched his own business. Alpha Financial Agency helps entrepreneurs reach for and achieve more significant goals than they dreamed possible.

Visit Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans to learn more about this groundbreaking entrepreneur’s “Be Great or Be Nothing” approach to life and business.

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