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Global Citizen, Investor, And Podcast Host, Patrick Tsang, Is Sharing His Life Philosophy, “Anything Is Possible,” With The World

Inspired by his grandfather’s legacy, Patrick Tsang is on a mission to empower and educate young people, by reaching them through his podcast and on social media. By reminding them that anything is possible, Tsang is sharing his message of positivity to a generation that needs to hear it.

Talking to Patrick Tsang, you get a sense of his drive and his vulnerability. Tsang is both a force to be reckoned with in the business world and empathetic in the way he deals with people, the way he wants to live his life, and the legacy he wants to leave in this world.

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tsang is the chairman of Tsangs Group, a fourth-generation China-focused family office from Hong Kong that bridges the East and West. Tsangs Group invests in companies with positive influence and positive impacts worldwide. The Group has a portfolio that expands into fintech, AI, blockchain, food tech, green tech, and biotech.

While Tsang’s focus is to drive the Group to continue to be a profitable, growing company, recently he has been branching out into new territory. Besides being a formidable businessman and investor, he has now added video podcast host and social media influencer to his list of credentials. He is the host of Anything is Possible, which reaches over 8,000 subscribers, 25-million listeners, and 115-million households internationally via OTT, OTA, and other connected devices through DeFiance Media. It is also syndicated through Getty and Video Elephant to broadcast media outlets globally. The show sees Tsang interviewing some of the world’s most influential people and ultimately aims to empower younger generations to live positively and to strive to achieve the impossible.

The podcast was brought to life in 2020. Around that time, there were intense protests and social unrest, and a sense of uncertainty, in Hong Kong. Coupled with the onslaught of the global pandemic, Hong Kong felt as if there was a cloud of doom around it. “There was a lot of negativity,” says Tsang. “Young people, especially, were demotivated. They had no positivity, and no idea as to what Hong Kong held for them in the future.”

As a response to what he was seeing, Tsang decided to start the podcast, aimed at young people specifically and called it ‘Anything is Possible,’ based on his personal life philosophy. What was meant to be two or three recordings has evolved into 60-plus episodes with a massive worldwide viewership. “An idea to interview a handful of people has now turned into a global citizen movement of authentic stories and powerful inspiration and knowledge,” Tsang exclaims. 

“Prior to the podcast, we were never at the forefront of social media,” he continues. “I was a focused investor, traveling 300 days out of the year doing face-face business meetings. But with less travel during the lockdown and launching the podcast, I realized that to effect change it’s better to get to the masses, especially to the youth. I believe a lot in youth empowerment and education – these are the pillars of our family and charity foundation in Hong Kong.”

The podcast is a labor of love for Tsang and his team. There are no plans to use the platform to generate revenue directly. It is a space where anyone around the world with access to the Internet can be inspired and empowered. “The existing audience is mainly young people looking to find a role model to aspire to from a career perspective. We’re not looking to coach anyone or sell courses. That’s not our intention whatsoever. We’re giving everything out for free,” he says.

There are plans to expand the offering soon. A book is currently being written sharing life philosophies and leadership lessons, and there are plans to produce an extended version of the series to be available potentially to stream. Tsang explains, “I want to create more content that will guide young leaders and to discuss important topics such as racism, diversity, gender equity, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.”

He attributes his inspiration, and the desire to give back to the younger generation, to the influence his grandfather has made in his life. His grandfather moved from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom in 1956. He started Chinese restaurants and takeaways and was the first person to open a Chinese restaurant in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His father was then brought over at the age of 16 to assist with managing the restaurants.

His grandfather, who is now aged 94, is still a big part of Tsang’s life and continues to inspire him. He explains how his grandfather left the village in Hong Kong and set off for a journey on a ship destined for the UK. He hardly spoke any English and left his family behind with no indication as to when, or how, he would return. Tsang calls his grandfather’s decision “courageous” and “brave.” He says, “There were no phones, no Internet and it was a scary time. It was a two-month journey to get there, in awful conditions, and he didn’t know when he would ever go back. He left the family behind not knowing if he would return, if he would make money, or if he would be safe.”  

The decision to risk everything paid off and his grandfather created success for himself as an entrepreneur. In addition, he got all of his relatives, and many of the members of his village to emigrate to the United Kingdom. “Each of these families had a much better life,” says Tsang. “It was like the American Dream. All the children were then educated. Nobody starved. These people made it! I think each family made enough money to own a business, pay for their house, and have one or two cars. Most of them graduated from university and got decent jobs. Everyone made a living. He basically changed the destinies and fates of all these people.”

Tsang’s grandfather is back in Hong Kong and often gets stopped by members of the community so they can express their thanks for what he did for them and their families. “It’s a very warm feeling when I see and hear people’s reactions when they see my grandpa. He’s a very inspirational figure. He inspires me and I want to do something similar,” he says.

While Tsang is a businessman first and foremost, he believes that money-making cannot be the main driver, especially in today’s world. One needs purpose. He is determined to create change in the world and be a positive voice for others to be inspired by. He is a firm believer that anything is possible and has plans for that message to be shared far and wide. “Our real purpose,” says Tsang, “is to make a difference and leave a mark on people as we go along.”

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