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Founder And Co-Owner Of Fusion Power, Tyler McAllister, Is Flying High In Arizona As The #1 Solar Originator With Success Based On Honesty And Trust

As a terrific communicator and teacher, he explains solar simply, using impactful words – and successfully closes sales because a good product sells itself! He shares what has worked in his organization to help others experience success

There is probably not an adult on the planet who hasn’t had a sales experience that made them wish they could hit the delete button. We want sales representatives to be honest, fair, kind, dependable, and respectful. Tyler McAllister, the founder, and co-owner of his own solar company, Fusion Power, is an excellent role model not just as a salesman but also as a human being.

Solar is part of the door-to-door sales industry, one of the most challenging of all sales markets. Think of all the times you opted not to open the door to a salesperson. If you did, you expressed your disinterest before they could complete the first sentence of their sales pitch. The product a solar company is selling is among the most pricy of all products sold door-to-door. It requires educating and assisting customers in weighing the pros and cons of a long-term investment. Fusion Power promises to provide customers with the latest solar technology and most efficient solar products available with their high-efficiency solar modules, optimizers, and inverters.

McAllister got his start in sales 17 years ago and quickly discovered he is a natural. He transitioned through different sales organizations and was promoted to recruiter, manager, and then worked at an executive level. After a decade, in 2017, he founded Fusion Power. Fusion Power is a fully-integrated residential solar company that handles everything including the installation and customer service stage after a system is up and running. It serves most of Arizona and has plans for expansion into other states.

Using his excellent business sense, McAllister has built a company culture to ensure the success and happiness of his team. Fusion Power has a solid base of core values and guiding principles that are ingrained in every employee. These fundamentals reflect the company’s high standards, and they make every effort to stay true to them. Company leaders make sure employees feel included and responsible for their part in the company’s mission, and they strive to communicate how highly they value each team member. 

“We have to earn our customers’ business every day,” says McAllister. “One thing I have learned to do well is to partner with the right kind of people, surrounding myself with individuals who have strengths where I have gaps. Fusion Power includes strong leadership and well-trained individuals who do their jobs conscientiously and responsibly.”

McAllister claims it is far more critical for a salesperson to have the ability to inspire trust than it is to have a sparkly personality. Sales representatives for his company need to connect with potential customers. On that basis, they can effectively educate them on the opportunity to invest in solar. “I must earn a customer’s time and trust,” says McAllister. “If I can create intrigue, my product will sell itself because it is a terrific product.” His job is to present the facts understandably so that customers can see his products make more sense than what they are currently doing. “People buy from me because I am a good teacher,” he says. “I can explain what could be a confusing and complicated process with fewer, but more impactful words than most sales reps. People usually listen and recognize the value I am offering.” 

McAllister thinks the sales industry is suffering from its unwillingness to share best practices, mainly because of fear, and it is hurting the whole industry. Leaders at Fusion Power are willing to help other sales teams create success and abundance through sharing what they have learned as a sales organization. 

As one who strives for excellence in all areas of his life, he says, “I want to continue to have a great connection with my wife and to be a dad who is present for my children. I try to live my life in a way that will prevent any regrets – it’s important to me to be proud of the memories and connections I’ve made, personally and professionally.”  

It is no big surprise that Tyler McAllister builds trust with customers. He shows up in every arena as a man of good character. He is building a culture of trustworthiness in his organization, which is undoubtedly a recipe for success. To learn more about solar from a company you can trust, visit Fusion Power.  

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