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Entrepreneur Cole Jacobs Is Creating Change And Making An Impact With His New Podcast, “You Will Die”

Cole Jacobs is a young man destined to make an impact. He is driven, focused, and wise beyond his years. He is passionate about creating change and being part of a world where people lead intentional, meaningful lives, and is creating conversations that do just that.

Chatting to Cole Jacobs with his Bernedoodle puppy, Rocky, by his side, you immediately get a sense of the drive within this young man. He is serious, eloquent, and speaks with authority and care. He’s a businessman, an entrepreneur, a thought leader, and a podcast host with a mission to make a difference.

Jacobs runs a number of businesses and has recently launched his own premium streetwear brand. The brand aims to be different by being aligned to his purpose, which is to create an intentional community. “It’s been a fun challenge incorporating streetwear, which is notoriously exclusive, and trying to create an inclusive space,” he says. 

In addition, he has mostly worked in sales and leadership within organisations and found this rewarding, mostly because of the impact he is able to have within the workplace. “It’s been awesome,” he says. “The best part about it is the ability that I have to create culture inside of an environment and to be able to have some part, however small, in character development. That’s been really rewarding.”

He embodies positivity and a zest for life, and speaking to him, you get a sense that he is authentic in his zeal for living and helping others to thrive. As testament to this, at the beginning of 2022, he said on his Instagram feed: “I’m grateful for the conscious reminder I get every year end to reevaluate my trajectory. I’m grateful for life, the challenges in it, the air I breathe that sustains it, and the people I get to share it with. The best part is it keeps getting better.” Jacobs is gratitude in motion.

Jacobs recently launched his new podcast You Will Die. With this podcast, he aims to create a community of like-minded individuals who live with their death in mind. He’s clearly making a statement, especially with such an ‘in-your-face’ title. “Pretty poignant and provocative, right? That was on purpose,” he says. “What’s it about? It’s pretty open. The goal is to help people live an intentional, meaningful life.” Understanding that we have limited time on earth and talking to people who make the most of what time they have will be the focus of his podcast and the guests he chooses to have on the show.

Money isn’t the driver for Jacobs. Like the theme of his podcast, time is the real driver for him – ensuring that he lives an intentional and impactful life in the time he is alive. “I have an interesting perspective on money. I don’t believe it’s real,” he says. “What I believe is more important is time. And I don’t have unlimited time. So if I start making decisions based on finances then all of my outcomes will be financial. If I make decisions based on time, and what the right thing to do is, then my life will be aligned around what my priorities are. I don’t have time to mess around. I don’t have to say ‘I will wait until … to do this’ or ‘I will do this when…’ There is no ‘when.’ There is no ‘until.’ It doesn’t come. It’s now.”

He is intentional in his purpose to make a difference in people’s lives. He wants to be a positive influence, and motivate others to live a life that is ultimately fulfilling. He has always known that this was his purpose and has gone on the journey to recognize it and let it guide his direction going forward. Jacobs wants to stay true to himself, and in so doing, help others live authentically and to step away from fear. 

“I think we all know what we’re good at and I think we all know what our strengths are,” he says. “Unfortunately, the strongest emotion is fear. I think a lot of people aren’t able to sit with themselves and say, ‘Hey, what is it that I love?’ The fear is, if I come to a conclusion, I recognize it. What I’ve identified, by universal law, I now have to act on or I’m acting in disaccord with truth. Your truth might be different from my truth. But when I know my truth, if I don’t act in accordance with that truth, I’m misaligned, and it’s going to stop my progress.”

How do we discover our truth? How do we face and overcome fear so we can live in alignment with what the universe wants from us? Jacobs has an interesting piece of advice: “Be alone, remove external stimuli, and sit with yourself for days. Write down your thoughts.” He challenges people to take time out for up to three days and to spend it in deep introspection. “I think all the answers are inside of us. I can’t tell you what your truth is. In order to find that, go be alone.” When he was 22 he went to Costa Rica on his own. He knew nobody. For 12 days he sat, read, journaled, meditated, and just existed. Taking the time out to do the soul searching led to inner awakening and an awareness he never had before.  

“Go find out your true self and go pursue it,” says Jacobs. This is the most important piece of advice he wants to share. “There is no finite point where you feel like you’ve got it. It’s always going to evolve.”

It is this evolution Jacobs plans to be a part of. Through mediums like his podcast, he is a voice to watch as he shares his journey and inspires people to take life to the next level.

If you think you would be a great guest for the You Will Die podcast then follow the show’s Instagram account and send him a direct message there. 

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Clive Vanderwagen, Writer



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