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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: LauraAura’s Journey to Authenticity and Growth

Laura Wallace, known as LauraAura, Alignment Coach, CEO of Worx & Co, and the visionary behind The Gutsy Podcast, is making waves in the world of female entrepreneurship. With a mission to help individuals break free from self-limiting beliefs and take meaningful action, Laura’s work is transforming lives and inspiring women around the globe.

At the core of her endeavors, Laura emphasizes the importance of getting out of one’s own head and overcoming the internal barriers that hinder personal and professional growth. She has witnessed countless women talking themselves out of pursuing their dreams before even starting, and her goal is to shift this narrative. Through her podcast, coaching, and community, Laura encourages individuals to embrace their true selves and pursue their passions full-heartedly.

Worx & Co, Laura’s branding agency, serves as the foundation of her journey. Over the course of 16 years, she realized her genuine interest lay not only in branding but also in the profound conversations she had with business owners. These conversations delved into their thoughts, worries, self-belief, and big ideas. Recognizing the lack of support for entrepreneurs in these high-level discussions, Laura created a safe space on her green couch, where raw and vulnerable conversations were shared and filmed as part of the Green Couch Project.

To expand her impact and make these conversations accessible to a wider audience, Laura transformed her project into The Gutsy Podcast. By transitioning to the podcast format, she could lower production costs and connect with an unlimited number of women in business worldwide. The podcast has become a “top 100” entrepreneurship show in multiple countries on Apple Podcasts and is featured on Amazon Music under business podcasts. Laura’s mission to inspire and uplift resonates with listeners, providing them with a North Star to navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.

With two episodes released each week, The Gutsy Podcast offers listeners longer episodes featuring high-value guest interviews on Tuesdays and smaller bite-sized doses of wisdom on Thursdays, typically lasting around 20 minutes. Both formats deliver powerful insights, bridging the gap between the spiritual and practical aspects of entrepreneurship. Laura’s personal experiences and struggles inform her teachings, allowing her to guide others through similar challenges and provide them with a sense of direction.

What sets Laura apart is her ability to combine tough love with unwavering support. Her content on platforms like TikTok offers quick and impactful insights, delivering mental motivation and nurturing support without sugarcoating the truth. Laura thrives on creating a space where dreams, desires, fears, worries, and concerns are acknowledged and worked through together. Her unique approach helps individuals honor their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, even the toughest parts, as they strive for growth.

LauraAura’s journey as an Alignment Coach, CEO of Worx & Co, and the host of The Gutsy Podcast is a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and vulnerability. Her work empowers women in business to break free from self-imposed limitations, society’s expectations, and the expectations of others – embracing their true potential. With her podcast and coaching services, Laura guides entrepreneurs toward meaningful action, providing the tools needed to overcome self-conflict and achieve their goals.

In a world where self-doubt and overthinking often hinder progress, LauraAura and her businesses, Worx & Co and The Gutsy Podcast, stand as beacons of inspiration, empowering women to step out of their comfort zones and create the lives and businesses they truly desire.

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