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Dumb Ways You’re Blowing Your Savings

“I have all the money I’ll ever need, if I die by 4 o’clock.”

-Henny Youngman

If you’re not planning to die by 4 o’clock and would like a little more money, there are only two ways to find it: you either make more or spend less.

With that in mind, here’s a quick list of ways to sock away a few extra bucks, or maybe earn more on what you’ve already saved. Most of them are easy peasy and won’t take more than a few minutes to check out.

Read them all; you’re bound to find something that will work for you.

1. You’re overpaying for car insurance

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably paying too much for car insurance. Shopping around for a better deal is the only solution, but that’s a hassle.

Or is it?

Take a few seconds and check out Provide Insurance, the largest online marketplace for insurance in the U.S.

Provide Insurance lets you compare quotes from more than 175 different carriers in the blink of an eye. Just answer a few questions about yourself and your driving history. Then Provide will show you the best options for your needs and budget.

You could save up to $610 a year on car insurance by using the Provide marketplace. That’s money you could use for other things, like investing, saving, paying off debt or just having fun.

If nothing else, you’ll at least know if you’re getting a decent price on your current coverage. Nothing to lose, maybe hundreds to gain.

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2. You’re not diversifying

One of the hallmarks of successful investing is diversification: having money in different types of investments that behave differently in various situations.

One alternative investment that’s been used for thousands of years is gold. It’s historically held its value over time, making it an ideal investment to protect against inflation, political turmoil, dollar weakness and other scenarios.

But be careful who you deal with. Not all gold dealers are on the up-and-up.

One place to start is Lear Capital. They’ve been around since 1997 and have completed more than $3 billion in precious metal transactions.

They also have a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee. Don’t wonder if gold is the right investment for you. Find out, right now.

Click here to get your free, no obligation precious metals kit.

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3. You’re not earning enough on your savings

According to the FDIC, the average savings account interest rate is about 0.4%. Which is crazy, because some banks and credit unions will pay you 10 times that much with zero additional risk.

Of course, finding better rates is no walk in the park. First you have to search everywhere to find the best rates, then you have to move your money.

But now there’s an easier way.

SaveBetter is a free online marketplace where you can find some of the best interest rates around from a nationwide network of 20 banks and credit unions. You simply open an account with SaveBetter, then you’re ready to access FDIC-insured savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

Every month, you get one statement showing balances and interest earned across all the deposits you’re holding.

It’s a fast, simple way to make more and make life simpler at the same time.

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4. You’ve got too much debt

If you’ve got a debt problem, the sooner you deal with it, the better.

National Debt Relief is one of the most respected providers of debt relief in the country.

They’ve helped more than 500,000 people, are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and also top-rated by Top Consumer Reviews, Top Ten Reviews, Consumers Advocate and Consumer Affairs.

You simply fill out a form on the company website, then a debt coach will call you to learn more about your situation. If they can help you, they’ll set you up with an affordable plan that works for you — and give you an estimate of when you can expect to be debt-free. There’s no upfront fee and no obligation to get started.

National Debt Relief can help you with almost any unsecured debt, like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, repossessions … even some student loan debt. Ready to start a new, happier chapter of your life?

See What They Can Do for You

5. You’re not getting advice

Even if you’re a ninja when it comes to investing, there comes a time in life when it makes sense to get a second opinion.

A Vanguard study found that, on average, a hypothetical $500,000 investment over 25 years would grow to $1.7 million if you manage it yourself, but more than $3.4 million if you work with a professional. That’s an extra $1.7 million!

Obviously, there are no guarantees a professional will do better than you. But getting a second opinion from a pro certainly can’t hurt. Even if you don’t need help picking investments, they can help you create a plan, maximize your Social Security, protect your assets and offer you peace of mind by ensuring you’re on the right track.

They can also be there in case one day you’re not.

These days, there are no-cost online services that make it easier than ever to find vetted financial advisers in your area. For example, SmartAsset. You fill out a short questionnaire and are instantly matched with up to three local fiduciary financial advisers, all legally bound to work in your best interests.

The process only takes a few minutes, and in many cases you’ll be offered a free consultation.

Nothing to lose, lots to potentially gain.

Please carefully review the methodologies employed in the Vanguard white paper, “Putting a Value on your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha.”

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6. You’re not investing correctly

It used to be that investing in commercial real estate, like apartment or office buildings, required lots of money and lots of expertise.

Not anymore, thanks to an online investing platform called Fundrise. Now people with modest amounts of money (i.e, $10) can own a slice of a real estate portfolio.

Fundrise tears down the traditional barriers needed to invest in real estate property, and so far over 1.7 million consumers have used Fundrise to invest in commercial property.

It takes as little as $10 to get started, the platform is easy to use, it’s open to all investors (of all experience levels) and there are other investment options too, like IRAs.

Fundrise has delivered an average annual rate return of 5.29% over the past five years, a stark contrast to the average, annual 0.23% interest your money gets by sitting in a savings account.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, and past performance is no indication of future results. Still, Fundrise has the potential to make more than you’re making now in the bank — or under the mattress. And you can get your feet wet for as little as $10!

Note: This is a testimonial in partnership with Fundrise. We earn a commission from partner links on moneytalksnews.com. All opinions are our own.

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