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Dr. Bharat Sangani, The Dynamo Behind ‘Life is a Business’ Shares His 1 Secret Recipe For Happiness

For Dr. Bharat Sangani, the three components of living a life filled with abundance and happiness are based on the principles of health, wealth and wisdom- which for him are the ultimate ingredients to creating the roadmap for achieving the ultimate goal in anyone’s life i.e. happiness.

Dr. Bharat Sangani arrived in America, the land of hope and dreams, with just $10.45 in his pocket, unaware of the plethora of good things awaiting him. He used that pocket amount to construct one of Mississippi’s largest cardiac care facilities.

After discovering a talent for real estate, Sangani started a side business and has since secured more than $2.9 billion in acquisitions, development, and transactions through his Dallas-based investment and development firm, Encore Enterprises. From having a few dollars to his name to becoming one of the country’s busiest cardiologists and commercial real estate developers, Dr. Sangani has successfully enjoyed the ‘American Dream.’ 

The key mantra Dr. Bharat Sangani follows is life is a business and business is life. Demarcating both things from each other would only lead to more unbalance that would ultimately result in an unhappier state of mind. “People look at the personal and business as separate corridors or parallel corridors that they have to walk,” he says. “They concentrate on one, while the other one gets neglected. It’s a three-legged stool; one is health, the second is wealth and the third is the wisdom of relationship so it should be a continuum.” 

Despite the widespread notion that ‘one cannot have it all,’ Dr. Sangani often follows the question with ‘why not?’ The doctor ensures that he gets his daily dosage of exercise by holding meetings on a treadmill. He considers the three fundamental components of happiness to be non-negotiable: health, prosperity, and relationships.

“We’ve essentially been told we have these three options and you may select two,” he explains. “It’s often suggested that we can’t have it all. However, as you can see, you may achieve financial success in a meeting while also focusing on fitness. So, how much effort are you going to put into thinking creatively and outside the box to accomplish all three goals at the same time?”

When asked what these three key components of happiness mean to Dr. Bharat Sangani? He replies, “In my mind, the first component; health – is to maintain ideal body weight and stay away from any addiction. And to manage chronic conditions at their best, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart conditions.”

He continues; “The definition of wealth is learning to live within your means and work hard to increase it. It’s not having a million dollars, but rather having a balanced budget.”

The third component is the relationship. “The definition of a relationship is to make sure that people who can permanently affect your well-being emotionally do not disturb you. For somebody to make you upset, you first have to permit them to make you upset. And I am a strong believer that if you are the one who can make me permanently unhappy, I will make sure that I will not give you a reason to make me unhappy.” 

Dr. Bharat Sangani’s drive to succeed in all aspects of his life derives from his father’s unwavering conviction in his abilities. “My father was a very practical human being and always instilled in my mind to do the right thing. He was very successful in the later part of his life but was always humble.” 

Dr. Bharat Sangani is one of the many new immigrants who’ve not only survived, but thrived achieving his own dreams – and those of his father’s, while giving back to the world in the form of ‘Life Is A Business.’ 

Having the passion and brains of a successful businessman, he chose to devote most of his free time to his love of mentoring budding entrepreneurs.

 He established “Life Is A Business,” a 12-month course in which each student enrolls in a custom-made course that assists them in developing their business strategy. He is purposeful in teaching his mantra of “health, wealth, and knowledge” throughout this course, believing that his pupils would find them to be the keys to happiness and success.

Dr. Bharat Sangani’s unnerving belief in the three key components of happiness has helped him create a world that does have it all and you can follow his journey to happiness here as well as across all his socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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