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Dogecoin announces partnership to send coin to the moon

Dogecoin announces partnership to send coin to the moon © Reuters

WASHINGTON – In a pivotal moment for the community, the cryptocurrency has announced an official partnership with space robotics company Astrobotic to send a physical Dogecoin to the moon. The mission, scheduled for December 23, 2023, will utilize United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan Centaur Rocket to transport the coin aboard the DHL Moonbox.

The initiative, which saw Dogecoin’s price jump 5.27% within 24 hours and 2.13% over the past week, is fueled by a crowdfunding campaign that began back in 2015. This collective effort underscores the growing influence and enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Astrobotic had previously hinted at Dogecoin’s lunar ambitions in a tweet on May 8, 2021, when they discovered a Dogecoin during the Moonboxes integration with their Peregrine lunar lander. Today’s announcement brings that vision full circle, marking a significant milestone for both Dogecoin and crowdfunding in general.

The DHL Moonbox mission aims to symbolize not only a triumph for Dogecoin but also the potential of community-led initiatives to achieve what was once considered impossible. This event is set to capture the imagination of the cryptocurrency world and may pave the way for future innovative partnerships between space exploration and digital currencies.

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