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: California task force finalizes sweeping reparations potentially worth billions of dollars

‘I’m so tired of my people’s suffering,’ one member of the public said at the panel’s second-to-last meeting

Les Robinson talks about stolen land during the public-comment period at the California reparations task force’s meeting at Mills College in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday.

Levi Sumagaysay/MarketWatch

After a sometimes contentious day-long meeting Saturday, California’s reparations task force approved a sweeping set of recommendations — including potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in monetary reparations — for repair and restitution for harms experienced by African Americans as a result of slavery and the state’s subsequent policies and practices.

The task force was born out of a 2020 law that established the first state-level reparations effort of its kind in the nation. The final report by the panel, which…

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