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Beyond The Airwaves: Jesse Dylan’s Journey From Broadcasting To AI Innovation

Many know him for his role on the iconic “Jesse & Gene” morning zoo in the late 1980’s and 90’s. Jesse Dylan’s voice, once the soundtrack to Canada's mornings, has transcended the world of radio, crafting a narrative that goes far beyond his broadcasting origins. Today, he is the Executive Chairman of a cutting-edge AI fan engagement platform, HANGR3, that redefines connections between brands, creators, and talent alike.

Asserting himself as one of the “greatest connectors you’ll ever meet,” Jesse Dylan stands tall as one of the top five on-air personalities globally. His multifaceted career includes being a  multiple award-winning broadcaster, an acclaimed journalist, and the author of the best-selling  book, “The Good Life.” In the dynamic landscape of media and entertainment, Dylan has consistently pushed boundaries and transcended normalcy to build community and bring people together. 

Driven by his desire to facilitate connection, Dylan has embarked on his latest venture, giving rise to HANGR3 – a cutting-edge AI platform poised to shape the future of global entertainment.  This innovative project reflects his unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry evolution. In a recent conversation, we delved into Dylan’s journey, exploring his time as a radio host and entrepreneur, and how that led to the creation of HANGR3. 

Reflecting on his journey, Dylan recalls, “I was on air in New York (XM/Sirius) about 20 years ago doing my show, and all the people I was interviewing were household name stars. To get publicity back in the day, they had to do television or radio shows like mine, or magazine articles and there was really no digital platform. So I got together with some really smart people. I invested money, they invested money, and we created one of the world’s first digital content  management systems so that artists clone themselves.” 

“Instead of doing Letterman and The Tonight Show with (Jay Leno), which required celebrities  to fly around, they could have digital content hubs on the Internet to promote themselves.”  Sharing that the idea always stuck with him, Dylan went on to build an advertising technology company. 

“It was an early-stage artificial intelligence platform for making wise decisions in advertising technology,” he explains. Fast forward to today, Dylan’s latest venture, HANGR3, is poised to take this same industry by storm. 

“The idea behind HANGR3 is that an artist like the Weeknd, who has 64 million followers on  Instagram alone, can’t possibly talk to them all. But, his chatbot can, and it can sell merchandise, and tickets, and even leads to live concerts in the Metaverse. So that’s what we’ve  created.” 

HANGR3 is a cutting-edge AI Fan Engagement platform that’s redefining connections between brands, creators, and talent. By harnessing the power of AI, it creates the opportunity for unparalleled interactions between fans and celebrities.

The platform’s ingenious use of machine learning to analyze and understand fan behavior epitomizes Dylan’s approach: always audience-first, always cutting-edge. With HANGR3, he brings this philosophy into the digital era, ensuring fans are not mere spectators but active participants in the entertainment they love. 

Dylan’s strategic prowess has set its sights on Asia, where a partnership with Asia’s largest live events promotion group is set to illuminate stages across China with international stars. These aren’t just events; they’re experiences meticulously crafted to resonate with audiences, leveraging the full potential of HANGR3’s technology to create interactions that transcend the standard concert-going experience. 

Despite his transition into the tech world, Dylan’s legacy is not just about business ventures or revolutionizing the concert experience, but about making a meaningful impact. One of the most  cherished chapters of his career involves a Christmas initiative known as “Gift to Christmas.”  During this festive time, calls from kids and teenagers seeking help for their families became a  reminder of the power of human connection. 

One Christmas, a young caller asked if listeners had an extra coat for their mother. This heartfelt plea resonated deeply with Dylan and his co-host, prompting them to bring the request on air. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable. Sponsors and listeners rallied together,  not just to provide coats but also toys, meals, and holiday cheer to an average of 500 families each year. The initiative turned into a community event, with sponsors, the radio station, and listeners contributing to a cultural melting pot of goodness. 

Reflecting on this Christmas tradition, Dylan acknowledges it as his fondest memory,  emphasizing the transformative power of community and kindness. This story encapsulates not only his commitment to fostering genuine connections but also the profound impact he has made beyond the airwaves. 

As HANGR3 prepares for its groundbreaking launch, Dylan’s journey stands as a testament to the power of authentic connections, as well as the limitless potential for positive change through technology. 

Follow along as his career takes on a new dimension, one that promises to keep the pulse of human connection at the heart of the digital revolution. To learn more about HANGR3, visit their website today.

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