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Avital Eusgeld: From Student Leader to Branding Powerhouse

Avital Eusgeld’s journey is a testament to the power of combining passion with strategic thinking.  Eusgeld, the founder and CEO of HiPitched, a Jerusalem-based branding agency, has carved a unique niche in the industry, empowering businesses to not only stand out but also share their stories with the world.

Early Strides in Leadership:

Eusgeld’s leadership qualities were evident early on. During her university years at the University of Birmingham, she served as the President of the Birmingham Jewish Society, the largest in the country.  This experience honed her organizational skills and ability to manage a large team.  She further solidified her leadership credentials by establishing the first Jewish Society Winter Ski Trip and actively participating in various student panels.

From International Relations to Branding Expertise:

Following her academic pursuits, Eusgeld embarked on a career path that seemingly diverged from the creative world of branding.  She served as an international liaison for the Israeli Embassy’s Trade and Economic Division in London.  Here, she honed her understanding of international business dynamics, assisting Israeli companies and startups with crucial aspects like strategy development, capital acquisition, and securing partnerships.

A Shift Towards Empowering Brands:

Eusgeld’s entrepreneurial spirit and inherent desire to help others led her to establish HiPitched. The agency’s core mission centers around transforming innovative ideas into captivating brand identities.  HiPitched’s approach is comprehensive, encompassing meticulous market research, competitor analysis, and strategic design thinking.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Building Powerful Brands:

HiPitched’s success hinges on a well-defined three-step process.  The “Discover” phase involves in-depth research to gain valuable insights into the client’s industry and target audience. This ensures the brand resonates effectively within the competitive landscape.  Next comes “Design”, where HiPitched’s creative team translates the strategic roadmap into a visually compelling brand identity. Finally, the “Deliver” stage equips the client with the necessary tools and guidance to confidently navigate their brand’s journey.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Social Impact

Eusgeld’s vision extends beyond simply building successful brands.  HiPitched operates with a strong social conscience,  donating 10% of its net profits to nominated charities. This commitment to giving back reflects Eusgeld’s belief in the power of collective responsibility and creating a positive impact.

Building a Network of Knowledge Sharing:

Recognizing the importance of knowledge sharing within the branding community, HiPitched curates a newsletter, aptly named “The Pitch.” This platform features interviews with industry leaders, offering valuable insights and practical advice to entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their brands.

A Story of Transformation and Continued Growth:

Avital Eusgeld’s story is one of remarkable transformation. From her early days leading student organizations to navigating the complexities of international relations and ultimately establishing a thriving branding agency, her journey is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.  As HiPitched continues to flourish, Eusgeld’s dedication to innovation, social responsibility, and knowledge sharing ensures the agency remains a frontrunner in the ever-evolving landscape of brand development.

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