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I’m Jesse Eker: The Story of The Seven Figure Man

Describing it like a “gut punch,” Jesse Eker sits in a New Jersey gym – on a family vacation, and reminisces about the moment that changed his mindset, and led him to three million-dollar businesses.

Eker – son of renowned financial guru, T. Harv Eker, is talking about the reality check he received at age 19, when Eker senior told him in no uncertain terms that he had the habits of a broke person.

“To be told by someone you respect, model, and look up to that you won’t get the things you want if you continue down the same path – was eye opening,” he confides. But if the younger Eker’s surprise was the reality check he didn’t know he needed, his attitude of feeling like he needed to prove himself was the launchpad to consistency and attaining his first million-dollar business at 26. “I was interning for a company that was doing an acquisition of properties in Arizona during the stock market crash of 2008,” he says. “The first big entrepreneurial lesson I learned was that the role of an entrepreneur is to solve other people’s problems. Realizing that our company had a limited cash flow, I reached out and offered to be their private lender and from there we turned the properties. I ended up staying on for four years.”

Eker’s focus on an online market audience is his niche to conquering the coaching industry, and his path to success includes narrowing down a target audience and concentrating them into one system. “The key to getting more sales is making more offers,” he points out. “I could either take the one-on-one method, or I could utilize a platform like Zoom and have an audience of 250 or more. This way I can make an offer to everyone and I can separate the interested from those who aren’t.” This transparent methodology is what separates Eker apart from those offering similar services, and while he is a firm believer in showcasing his individual talents, his acknowledgement of past experiences has helped shape his business acumen. Likening the various phases of business to the components of working out, Eker points out that there may be those who are unsure what exactly to focus on during the initiation process, but through time and effort one gets stronger. “When you work out a muscle for the first time, you’re going to lift minimal reps with lighter weights,” he says. “As you start doing more reps, adding more weight, you get stronger. It’s the same with business. This is my third seven-figure business before I’m 35.”

Eker – who turned 34 in January, cites the crafting of ideas, being held accountable for dealing in millions of dollars, and overseeing large organizations as the reason he can expedite businesses more efficiently. He doesn’t shy away from his losses either, and admits that he has had to learn from his mistakes, but because of how he leverages his business, along with how high he sets the bar for himself, he is able to minimize those errors. “There’s a lot of critical factors, but I think one of them is not having a ceiling on what I can earn,” he says. “I think that’s the mindset that goes into most people who are starting their business – that they have these self imposed or self limiting ceilings that they’ve pre created.” Those same limitations others lumbered themselves with are the ones Eker broke early in his career, that now – with each business venture, he immediately sets himself a new ceiling of at least $10 million a year.

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