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8 States Where Gas Is $5 a Gallon — or Soon May Be

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Gas prices have climbed to all-time highs this month. After climbing throughout 2021, fuel prices ignited further in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

And the trend shows little sign of abating. In fact, prices have passed the $5-a-gallon mark in three states — two of which recorded record-high prices today — and a handful of other states may be poised to crack that barrier soon.

Although the national average price for a gallon of regular gas fell 2 cents this week due in part to lower demand, AAA reports today that a steady increase in oil prices is slowing that decline in gas prices.

“If oil prices continue to rise, pump prices will likely follow suit,” AAA says.

Following are the states where gas either is above $5 a gallon or may be closing in on that mark.


Highway traffic in Los Angeles, California
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State’s average price for regular gas:

  • Today: $5.90 per gallon (a new record high)
  • Yesterday: $5.88
  • One month ago: $4.79
  • One year ago: $3.89

The cost of filling up in the Golden State often outpaces that of other states, and now is no exception. In fact, California’s average price for regular gas hit a new high today.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles because the first major U.S. city to see gas prices average $6 a gallon, according to GasBuddy.


Las Vegas Skyline
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State’s average price for regular gas:

  • Today: $5.21 per gallon (a new record high)
  • Yesterday: $5.18
  • One month ago: $4.00
  • One year ago: $3.30

California’s next-door neighbor also is recording soaring fuel costs — including a new high today — and even crooks are taking notice.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office issued a press release detailing gas-related crimes, such as an incident involving a woman who noticed a drilling sound as she ate lunch in her van while parked at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store. According to a recap of the report in the Reno Gazette Journal:

“When the victim asked what they were doing, someone from under the van yelled, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ … The suspects left (the) area in a dark colored Chevy Tahoe and a gray Ford F-150 truck. The suspects had drilled a hole into the victim’s gas tank and gas was … spilling out of a bucket the suspects had been using to collect the gasoline.”


Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Hawaii
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State’s average price for regular gas:

  • Today: $5.10 per gallon
  • Yesterday: $5.09
  • One month ago: $4.55
  • One year ago: $3.63

Even in paradise, you will find no relief from higher prices at the pump.

Because of the climbing cost of fuel, gas theft is a problem in Hawaii, too. A spokesperson for AAA tells a local TV station that drivers should be on their guard when parking:

“If you’re parking in public, look for a fenced-in area with surveillance cameras. If you’re parking in a parking garage or parking structure, try to park your vehicle in an area close to an elevator or a staircase or even the entrance to that parking garage where there could be more foot traffic.”

States where gas is pushing $5 a gallon

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A handful of other states now have an average gas price of at least $4.50 a gallon and also may be in danger of passing the $5-a-gallon mark. Those states — and their average prices for a gallon of regular gas today — are:

  • Alaska: $4.71
  • Arizona: $4.68 (a new record high)
  • Illinois: $4.50
  • Oregon: $4.72
  • Washington: $4.73

For tips on saving during your next trip to the gas station, check out “7 Smart Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump.”

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