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7 Ways Inflation Is Changing How People Cook

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For anyone who does not have unlimited money to spend, inflation has been a game-changer.

As prices have soared, we all have made adjustments — including at the dinner table.

Recently, Morning Consult Pro surveyed 2,548 U.S. adults who are “primary cooks,” which is defined as a U.S. adult who is chiefly responsible for cooking duties in a household.

Based on survey responses, here are several ways inflation has changed how the nation cooks.

1. Changing the types of meals they cook

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Primary cooks who said they have done this to save money: 46%

Some meals are more expensive to prepare than others. Homemade tomato soup is likely to save you a lot of cash compared with preparing a lobster.

Changing how you cook meals also can cut your costs, as we explain in “6 Ways to Make an Instant Pot Pay for Itself.”

2. Substituting ingredients

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Primary cooks who said they have done this to save money: 40%

Those who love to cook may find it tempting to spend a little extra to get the very best ingredients. But most of the time, cheaper substitutions will work just as well.

So, if you are trying to cut costs as grocery prices skyrocket, try some of the “9 Ingredient Substitutions To Save You a Trip to the Store.”

3. Making fewer prepackaged meals

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Primary cooks who said they have done this to save money: 38%

Prepackaged meals are a big help when you need to eat but don’t have the time to make a meal. But they can be expensive — and are often unhealthful.

Cooking from scratch usually will save you cash. If you want to start preparing your own meals, check out “This Homemade Meal Is Cheap, Healthful and Requires No Cooking.”

Other changes cooks have made

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Here are some additional changes that primary cooks are making to save money:

  • Using more recipes: 36%
  • Making more prepackaged meals: 32%
  • Using fewer recipes: 28%
  • Leaving out ingredients: 26%

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