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7 Fun New Foods Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

Woman shopping at the grocery store
Sergey Ryzhov / Shutterstock.com

Spring and summer are great seasons to try new fun foods, and several manufacturers are rolling out new products to meet that demand.

From a new breakfast cereal to an old favorite chili, these items are starting to appear on grocery shelves now.

Keep your eye out for the following fun foods as you shop in coming weeks.

KitKat Cereal

Kit Kat brand
Billion Photos / Shutterstock.com

Fans of KitKat bars might have a new breakfast favorite: Nestle KitKat Cereal.

The manufacturer describes it as “the perfect balance of delicious milk chocolate and wafer taste.”

Wendy’s Chili (canned)

BWM Infinity / Shutterstock.com

Wendy’s has teamed up with Conagra to bring its beloved chili to a grocery store near you.

Conagra says the new canned Wendy’s Chili features “29g of protein per can, savory all-natural beef, and the perfect mix of peppers, beans, and a rich tomato-based sauce.”

Alec’s Peanut Butter Fudge Honeycomb Ice Cream

Ice cream on a tray
wong yu liang / Shutterstock.com

The latest Alec’s flavor — Peanut Butter Fudge Honeycomb Ice Cream — took “best new dessert” honors at the NEXTY Awards this year.

Alec’s describes it as “a magical balance of salted peanut butter, chocolate-covered honeycomb toffee, and a swirl of fudge.”

AMC Perfectly Popcorn

AMC Theater concession stand with popcorn
Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock.com

Bring movie-theater popcorn into your home with AMC Theatres Grocery Popcorn.

Just heat the already-popped popcorn and enjoy one of three flavors:

  • Extra Butter
  • Classic Butter
  • Lightly Salted

Liquid Death Iced Tea

Liquid Death mountain water cans
Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock.com

The manufacturer says Liquid Death Iced Tea is “dead set on using natural agave and B vitamins to savagely murder your thirst.”

Three flavors are available:

  • Armless Palmer
  • Rest in Peach
  • Grim Leafer (sweet tea)

Goodles Here Comes Truffle

Goodles noodles
melissamn / Shutterstock.com

The Goodles company has added Here Comes Truffle to their lineup of mac and cheese dinners like Twist My Parm. The cheddar, Parmesan and truffle sauce is described as a “dreamy, buttery blend in perfect balance with indulgent black truffle.”

Reese’s Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup brand
Ana Iacob Photography / Shutterstock.com

If you are a vegan or simply have issues with lactose, Reese’s Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups is the candy of your dreams.

Hershey describes the candy as being “the perfect treat for your plant-based lifestyle.”

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