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: 5 weird Super Bowl prop bets, including the ‘color of Gatorade poured on winning head coach’ and ‘coin toss outcome’

Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will likely be the most-bet-on U.S. sporting event in history, as $1.1 billion in legal wagers are expected to be placed.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular betting days of the year, and bettors can wager on pretty much everything, including things completely unrelated to the actual game. These wagers are called “prop bets,” and some of them cover things like the coin toss and what color the Gatorade shower for the winning coach will be.

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For people not familiar with oddsmaking, a “-” symbol indicates a favorite and a “+” symbol indicates an underdog. For example, a $100 bet placed on a +200 side would net a $200 profit, in addition to getting back the original $100. For favorites, it would take a $150 bet to win $100 on something with the odds -150. You can use a probability calculator for a more conventional percentage breakdown.

The odds below are courtesy of DraftKings DKNG, -4.26% Sportsbook, unless otherwise indicated.

Coin toss outcome

Heads -104

Tails -104

It’s a 50/50 gamble right? The coin toss is the simplest bet on the board. Every year, this bet returns to the list of available Super Bowl bets — people can’t stay away.

Even though a coin toss is a pure chance event with equal odds, people are betting on tails at a 56% clip at BetMGM. Some bettors are gambling thousands of dollars on the coin toss.

Interestingly, the last eight teams who won the Super Bowl coin toss went on to lose the game.

Will an Extra Point or Field Goal Attempt Hit an Upright? (Excludes Crossbar)

Yes +450

No -650

A bet that was once called the “doink special” is about whether or not any field goal or extra point attempt will hit the uprights.

Color of Gatorade poured on winning head coach

Yellow/Green/Lime +150

Orange +250

Blue +340

Red/Pink +400

Clear/Water +700

Purple +700

Commonly known as the “Gatorade shower” for the winning coach. Last year, the Los Angeles Rams doused coach Sean McVay in blue Gatorade when his team won the Super Bowl. This bet can be found on FanDuel and some other U.S. sportsbooks.

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Will there be an octopus?

Yes +1400

No –10000

Easily the most fun-sounding prop bet available this year. Sadly, there (most likely) will be no physical octopus on the football field.

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An octopus is a stat and/or occurrence during an NFL game when a player scores a touchdown and the ensuing 2-point conversion. As of 2022, there have been just 168 octopi in NFL history since the 2-point conversion was introduced in 1994, according to the Action Network.

Will there be a Scorigami?

Yes +2000

No -10000

This prop bet asks bettors if there will be a “Scorigami,” meaning an exact final score that has never happened in NFL history.

For example, no NFL game has ever ended with the final score 20-11, according to data from NFLScorigami.com.

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