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4 Eco-Friendly Features That Help Homes Sell Faster

Installing eco-friendly windows
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Selling a home hasn’t been a problem in recent years, thanks to a red-hot housing market. But with mortgage rates now soaring, it is possible that sales may cool significantly sometime soon.

If that comes to pass, sellers may need an extra edge to keep buyers interested. And having the right eco-friendly features could help get your sale over the finish line.

A recent Zillow analysis identified four eco-friendly features that help today’s homes sell faster. Following are the nods to sustainability that could make your home more attractive to buyers.

4. Double-pane windows

Double-pane windows
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Amount of time shaved off the sale: 6.9 days

Double-pane windows create an insulating effect that holds heat in. In fact, you might be able to keep 50% more heat in your home thanks to these windows. That means you don’t have to run the furnace as often.

3. Drought-resistant landscaping

Home in Tucson Arizona
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Amount of time shaved off the sale: 9.2 days

Choosing drought-resistant landscaping means you won’t have to waste untold amounts of water keeping things green. Not only does this trim your water bill, but in some places, it also helps you avoid having to pay nasty fines for violating local ordinances.

2. Electric vehicle charging station

Electric pickup truck charging at home
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Amount of time shaved off the sale: 9.5 days

You are a true eco-superstar if you have an electric vehicle charging station at your home. Fortunately, this is a rather wallet-friendly upgrade, as an electric vehicle charger often costs less than $1,000.

As electric cars grow more popular, a charging station will become a more valuable and sought-out feature.

1. Seismic retrofit

Homes in San Francisco, California
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Amount of time shaved off the sale: 19 days

Anyone who lives in earthquake country knows the uneasy feeling of wondering if their home will withstand the next big temblor. A seismic retrofit can help put such fears to rest.

Such modifications make your home more resistant to shaking and the damage that comes with it.

This type of retrofitting is eco-friendly. It requires less water and fewer materials than if a demolition process was necessary. And if your existing building is stronger, you will feel less compelled to replace it in the future.

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