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29 Amazon Brands to Shop Before They’re Gone for Good

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Over the past several years, Amazon has moved toward trying to make its own versions of everything, from clothing to groceries to furniture and more.

Now, everything must go — or at least almost everything.

The tech giant is ditching dozens of its house brands amid increasing federal scrutiny and rising costs, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company is winding down gradually, allowing current stock to sell out before closing each brand’s virtual doors.

In the end, only a handful of more successful Amazon brands will remain. Following is a look at what we know is going away as well as the few brands we know are staying.


Vintage furniture
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Rivet is an Amazon home furniture brand that also sells lighting, textiles and decor.

It may be worth keeping an eye out for riveting deals as Amazon tries to empty out its inventory and consolidate brands. There isn’t much listed on the Rivet deals page right now, but that could change.

Stone & Beam

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Another Amazon furniture brand on the way out is Stone & Beam, which sells “traditionally-inspired, casual comfort” home goods meant to be both rustic and practical. It covers a similar range of products as Rivet — furniture, lighting, bedding and decor.

You’ll find current Stone & Beam deals here.

27 clothing brands

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Amazon will whittle a mall’s worth of clothing brands — 30 of them, reportedly, although there used to be many more — down to just three bestsellers in the coming months.

While The Wall Street Journal didn’t provide a full list of those brands, it did mention Daily Ritual, Goodthreads, and Lark & Ro as examples on the chopping block.

Lark & Ro no longer has a formal storefront on the website, although some of its products remain.

Other known Amazon clothing and accessory brands include:

The Amazon brands that are sticking around

Amazon driver
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The Wall Street Journal report didn’t offer many specifics about Amazon’s brand banishment deliberations, but there are a few brands Amazon is proud enough of to say are sticking around. Those include:

  • Amazon Basics: The broadest of Amazon’s surviving brands sells everything from fitness gear to batteries to personal care products.
  • Amazon Essentials: Amazon’s popular clothing brand, selling a wide range of clothes for women, men and children, including licensed T-shirts.
  • Amazon Aware: Another of Amazon’s clothing brands promises all products “are certified as carbon neutral and feature certifications that are part of the Climate Pledge Friendly program.” (The storefront includes an explanation of how all that works near the bottom of the page.)

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