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20 Top Weekend Jobs and 10 Companies Hiring Now

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Are you feeling the pinch in an expensive city? Or, are you finding your budget stretched thin as a full-time student or caregiver?

You need a weekend job that fits into your busy schedule while boosting your income and career potential.

Modern jobs aren’t just 9-to-5 roles. Many companies realize they need to be flexible and available for their customers when they’re ready to interact with them, which is often on the weekends while they squeeze in tasks between hectic weeks.

That means there are more options than ever to earn extra cash or craft a work-life balance that works for you.

Curious? Discover some weekend job options you might not have considered!

What Are Weekend Jobs?

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You might think of weekend jobs exclusively as retail jobs that support heavy weekend shopping, but weekend jobs have evolved to offer something for everyone.

Nowadays, a weekend job might be perfect if you need a side hustle to make extra money or make money fast but can’t squeeze any more hours out of your weekdays.

What’s more, many weekend side gigs offer flexible or alternative schedules, providing opportunities to make money now without sacrificing your personal needs or priorities.

You Can Balance Your Priorities

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Aside from side hustles, weekend jobs are ideal primary jobs when you need to balance your professional and personal lives, such as juggling child care with another caregiver.

For instance, a weekend job can enable you to work around your fellow caregiver’s schedule while you grow your career and income with a flexible or alternative schedule.

Plus, there’s a good chance there’s a role that will help you future-proof your career. After all, earning a lucrative salary at home isn’t just for the tech industry any longer.

Try Out a New Career

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Maybe you may want to dip your toes into a career change, but you’re not quite ready to dive in. In that case, a weekend job can help you try out a new field without giving up your existing role before you’re ready.

Add to your savings while gaining valuable skills.

Enjoy Midweek Serenity

Walking dogs is a great way to stay in shape over the summer, as well as earn a little money.
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Not to mention, you might simply enjoy working on the weekends. If you find weekday morning shopping nirvana, you might love to work the weekends to get your errands done during the week.

In summary, there are many reasons to consider adding a weekend job to your calendar. And you can find a weekend job in almost every field, so you’ll likely find a role that interests you.

20 of the Best Weekend Jobs

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If you’re ready to explore your options, consider this list of job categories often featuring weekend roles.

Whether you’re looking for a high-paying, entry-level weekend job or something that matches your skills and passions, there’s something on this list for everyone.

1. Adjunct Faculty

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Leverage your expertise and your education to manage subject-specific instructional programs for colleges and universities. Flexibility varies based on the hiring institution, ranging from hybrid to fully remote.

2. Call Center Representative

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Answer inbound calls and adhere to the guidelines set by each organization.

As a call center agent, you’ll generally have target metrics to strive for, such as quality, performance, customer impact, and response efficiency.

3. Collections Representative

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Help consumers resolve delinquent accounts by providing customer support regarding payment options, refunds, account adjustments, and discrepancies.

4. Content Creator

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From writing to video and audio content, modern businesses need a vast amount of content to compete in today’s market.

Support content creation through various fields, such as social media, digital content, or content marketing.

5. Content Moderator

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Track and monitor online forums and public-facing technologies to ensure ethical usage.

Your role might include responding to questions, flagging and deleting harmful or threatening content, and offering general support.

6. Customer Support Representative

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Handle customer inquiries through various platforms, such as social media, phone calls, email, and chat. Teach customers how to use products and troubleshoot any challenges they’re having.

7. Editor

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As an editor, you’ll ensure the editorial accuracy, consistency, quality, and tone of content before publication.

Roles range from editing web copy and emails to fine-tuning video scripts or traditional books.

8. Event Planner

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Event planning roles vary from planning simple lunches to meetings and events around the world. You might produce individual meetings or contribute to larger annual events with thousands of attendees.

9. Fundraiser

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Engage in work associated with fundraising campaigns for organizations. You’ll focus on donors within a target demographic and have a variety of duties, depending on the role.

You might find yourself helping to raise awareness of the organization through outreach, creating content, or planning events.

10. Medical Scribe

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As a medical scribe, you’ll fill an essential role within the health care field. You’ll assist physicians by documenting patients’ medical records, freeing up their time to devote to patient care.

11. News Reporter

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From trending social events to science and medical news, there’s a massive need for reporters in today’s content-hungry culture. In this role, you’ll report and write engaging and accurate news stories by predetermined deadlines.

12. Nurse

Remote nurse
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Utilize your nursing credentials in a customer-facing role for companies of every size.

Or, support the industry behind the scenes. Support roles range from content creators to recruiting specialists.

13. Online Chat Agent

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Organizations are looking for ways to connect with their audiences quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of this shift by landing a weekend job as an online chat agent.

You can support customers in nearly every industry, from gaming to finance to tech.

14. Online Tutor

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Utilize your expertise in a subject as an online tutor. Many tutor jobs allow you to set your schedule, making this the ultimate flexible role.

Your students likely go to school or work during the week, so this an excellent fit for a weekend job.

15. Physician

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Do you have a medical certification and want to put it to work over the weekend? You’ll support patients whose regular doctors are out of the office through remote health visits in various fields.

16. Sales Representative

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Connect with potential customers through various inputs, like phone, text, or email. Consistently exceed your sales quota by building relationships and helping consumers find the best solution to their needs.

17. Social Media Coordinator

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Deliver engaging and on-brand content, utilize creative strategies, and discover innovative ideas to educate a brand’s target audience.

Whether you’re passionate about Facebook or love the challenge of ranking a Pinterest pin, there’s a role that fits your interests.

18. Transcriptionist

Medical transcription
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Help organizations process large amounts of information by converting audio files into written text.

Legal transcription and medical transcription roles are generally in high demand, making these a lucrative side gig for your weekend.

19. Travel Agent

Travel agent
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With a strong understanding of travel policies, you’ll search and confirm travel reservations for individuals or corporate travel accounts.

As a remote travel agent, you’ll consult with the traveler regarding changes and advise them on documentation needs to ensure they have a smooth trip.

20. Writer

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If you have a way with words, there are endless ways to put that skill to work for you. From video and audio scripts, articles, and news bulletins to social media copy and blog content, you can find a remote writing job that blends your interests with weekend work.

Companies That Hire for Weekend Jobs

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Another way to approach your weekend job search is by reverse-engineering your plan.

Explore some of the companies that frequently post weekend roles. Find one that interests you and dive deeper to explore their open positions.

Start your research with this list of companies that are often looking for team members with weekend availability.

1. Achieve Test Prep

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Achieve Test Prep is an award-winning academic support organization providing test prep and college education consulting services.

The company offers a unique credit-by-examination bridge, helping students gain maximum credit with both online and on-site classes.

2. Fanatics

II.studio / Shutterstock.com

Fanatics, an award-winning multichannel retail company, specializes in licensed sports merchandise. It operates 300+ stores and ecommerce units for major sports and media brands.

The company’s offerings include sports merchandise, autographed collectibles, exclusive experiences, and team gear.

3. Insider Inc.

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Insider Inc. is a global media powerhouse, managing Insider, Markets Insider, Business Insider, and Insider Intelligence.

Known for informing and inspiring diverse audiences, the company reaches 100 million monthly U.S. visitors and operates in six languages.

4. Morning Brew

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Founded in 2015, Morning Brew delivers a daily email newsletter briefing Wall Street to Silicon Valley news.

Aimed at young professionals, it offers engaging business updates, market analyses, and tech news.

5. Netsmart

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Netsmart, founded in 1968 in Overland Park, Kansas, provides updated electronic health records (EHR) services for social services, behavioral health, and post-acute care.

The company’s offerings range from revenue cycle management to specialty capabilities, like e-prescribing and care integration.

6. PlushCare

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PlushCare is a telemedicine company revolutionizing health care by providing affordable and convenient access to top doctors in the U.S. via smartphones.

The company aims to enhance patient-doctor experiences with backing from notable health care investors.

7. R1 RCM

Medical coding
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R1 RCM, established in 2003, partners with health care organizations to improve operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The company provides revenue cycle management, physician advisory services, and population health solutions to nearly 1,000 health care clients across the U.S.

8. Robert Half International

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For over 80 years, Robert Half International has been a globally renowned professional staffing and consulting firm.

Known as the world’s first specialized financial recruitment service, it owns divisions like Robert Half Technology and OfficeTeam. Headquartered in California, the company operates in over 400 locations worldwide.

9. Sound Physicians

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Over the last three decades, Sound Physicians has been a health care organization working to increase value by reducing costs and improving quality in acute care.

The company uses an integrated approach, combining critical care, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and transitional care to better serve patients and hospitals across the U.S.

10. Vivid Seats

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Vivid Seats is the largest independent online ticket marketplace, connecting millions to live events such as concerts and sports games.

Notable for exclusive partnerships with brands like ESPN, the company focuses on improving ticket-purchasing experiences with user-friendly tools and superior service.

How Can You Find Weekend Jobs?

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Did you see anything that interested you? Are you ready to launch your job search for “weekend jobs near me” or “weekend remote jobs”?

In many ways, there’s not much that’s different when it comes to finding a weekend job than when you’re looking for a traditional role. Simply filter your job search strategies for targeted results.

Utilize keywords when you’re searching your favorite job boards. Explore the above categories and filter your search with keywords like “weekend jobs” or “weekend job near me.”

Remember that you might find what you’re looking for in a part-time role offering a flexible schedule. For example, many companies that hire writers don’t restrict when you’re creating your work.

If you can work from anywhere or set a flexible schedule, that’s a good sign that you can complete your tasks on your own time.

Note, however, that unless specified, you’ll want to verify the flexible work arrangements before committing to a role that isn’t a good fit.

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