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20 Recipes for Overripe Bananas to Try

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on The Penny Hoarder.

You buy a bunch of bananas with the best intentions, mostly to slice and eat on cereal or atop yogurt for breakfast.

Or maybe you plan to eat one every afternoon as pick-me-up since bananas are loaded with natural sugars to give you a boost. Vitamin C and potassium provide more healthy benefits. Oh, and fiber.

Then two or three of the bunch turn on you as they ripen. First they sport tiny bruise spots, then the bruises overtake the fruit until they don’t look like anything you want to eat. Rest easy, overripe bananas are not inedible but have reached another stage in their development.

Something magical happens as bananas ripen and transform from bright yellow to that unappetizing brown/black. They get sweeter as the starches develop.

So before you pitch them or throw them onto the compost heap, heed our recipe suggestions on what to do with overripe bananas.

Think banana ice cream (mix slices into vanilla ice cream), banana cream pie (made into a smoothie with a vanilla wafer crunch), classic banana bread and even banana pancakes and muffins.

How To Store Overripe Bananas

Overripe bananas
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If you have overripe bananas but aren’t ready to use them right away, freeze them.

You may be tempted to put the ripe bananas, peel and all, into freezer bags and toss them into the chill. It’s best to peel ripe bananas first or you will struggle to get the thin peel from the frozen banana once it’s thawed.

Also, keep in mind that thawed ripe bananas are best for baked goods, smoothies, puddings and anything where the fruit is mixed in. They will mostly be mushy when thawed so they aren’t great for eating out of hand.

Here are two ways to freeze overripe bananas:

  1. Peel whole ripe bananas and put them into freezer bags. Squeeze as much air as you can from the bag, and write the date on it with a smudge-proof marker. The fruit can be used frozen or thawed depending on your recipe.
  2. Peel ripe bananas and then slice in ½-inch pieces. Place banana slices on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and freeze for about 2 hours. When frozen, place sliced bananas in a freezer bag, squeeze out air and mark the bag with date. Freezing them this way makes measurement easy for baked goods.

20 Recipes That Use Overripe Bananas

Woman with mixing bowl
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These 20 recipes for overripe bananas might have you leaving a couple on the counter to darken just so you can make them. A mashed ripe banana or two (maybe three) is all you will need for most of these recipes.

Banana Bread Recipes

Ripe bananas
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Banana bread is the go-to plan for overripe bananas. Banana bread can be dressed up with chopped nuts, chocolate chips or even dried cranberries or other fruit.

A tablespoon of banana liqueur or spice rum adds another flavor profile.

1. Banana Bread

Mother and daughter with mixing bowl
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Everyone should have a tried-and-true banana bread recipe. This one from Simply Recipes is one of the website’s most popular recipes and has nearly 6,000 reviews.

The recipe makes a single loaf, though many reviewers say you’ll be sorry if you don’t double it.

2. Death by Chocolate Banana Bread

Woman baking in her kitchen
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This chocolate banana bread from Delish that the site calls Blackout Banana Bread uses cocoa powder and has a generous helping of chocolate chips, making it a chocoholic’s dream. Warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? We think so.

3. Cream Cheese-Filled Banana Bread

Woman dancing and cooking
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Looking for a way to combine a love of cheesecake with banana bread? Well, maybe not but now that you’ve got the suggestion, why not?

Kristyn Merkley at Lil’ Luna shares this cream cheese-filled banana bread, and it is totally decadent.

4. Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Man baking food in an oven
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There are plenty of recipes out there for gluten-free baked goods. One-bowl, gluten-free banana bread from the Minimalist Baker calls for three bananas, plus avocado oil and almond meal, among other ingredients.

It gets 4.76 stars from more than 800 reviewers.

Banana Breakfast Recipes

A young couple cooks breakfast
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You could just grab coffee and a bagel for breakfast, but why would you with all these sweet banana recipes?

They’re like eating a dessert that’s socially accepted as breakfast. This is a win, especially if you add a punch of vitamin C from orange juice.

5. Banoffee Scones

Banana Scones with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Glaze
zoryanchik / Shutterstock.com

Banoffee is an English banana-toffee flavor traditionally appearing in pie form. This recipe for banoffee scones from King Arthur Baking Company brings this combo to the breakfast table.

The reviews alone will make you want to tie on an apron and get baking.

6. Nutella Banana Swirl Muffins

sasha2109 / Shutterstock.com

Bananas love nuts and chocolate, so the chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella is a perfect pairing. Nutella Banana Swirl Muffins from The Novice Chef satisfy all sorts of cravings.

7. Banana Bread Donuts

Father baking with his child
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A tutorial on how to brown butter in the microwave from Averie Cooks blog will set you up to make banana bread donuts with browned butter caramel glaze.

If you don’t have a donut pan, these also make great donut holes using a muffin pan.

8. Banana Pancakes

Girl eating pancakes
Andy Shell / Shutterstock.com

This banana pancakes recipe from Once Upon a Chef calls for just one overripe banana and the “browner, the better.”

There’s double banana flavor thanks to the smashed banana in the batter and sliced less-ripe banana on the top. Would it be too much to top with whipped cream?

Healthy Banana Recipes

A woman slices a banana
LightField Studios / Shutterstock.com

If you would rather work out every day than give up your sweet tooth, we’ve rounded up some healthy — or healthy-ish — recipes. Share them with family and friends and spread the joy around.

9. Gluten- and Dairy-Free Strawberry-Banana Muffins

muffin pan on dark wood surface
Erica Richardson / Shutterstock.com

This recipe for gluten-free strawberry-banana muffins from Delicious Obsessions is a cool spin on the traditional smoothie pairing, using coconut flour and coconut oil.

10. Paleo Banana-Blueberry Breakfast Bread

Man holding fresh-picked blueberrie
MintImages / Shutterstock.com

Michele Rosen at Paleo Running Momma is an avid runner and still has time to bake delicious, healthy treats like this gluten-free banana bread. The antioxidant properties of fresh blueberries pack an additional nutritious punch.

11. 3-Ingredient Flourless Banana Bread Cookies

mother baking with her child
Lordn / Shutterstock.com

Arman Liew at The Big Man’s World creates easy, healthy sweets and breakfast recipes. His banana-oatmeal cookies look really good and are manageable for even a novice baker.

12. Tropical Green Smoothie

Woman drinking a smoothie
puhhha / Shutterstock.com

This tropical green smoothie from Ashley Manila at Baker by Nature makes it easy to be green. Use frozen overripe bananas for this pina colada-esque smoothie.

The vivid color comes from spinach, kale or Swiss chard. Use what you’ve got on hand.

Ripe Bananas Dessert Recipes

Couple eating dessert
wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock.com

Bananas by themselves are the dessert of the produce section. But the real magic happens when you add a little flour and butter. Now, you have desserts that make all the other fruits jealous.

13. Cinnamon-Banana Cake

Woman stirring chocolate with a whisk
Alvaro Alonso Garcia / Shutterstock.com

If you’re baking to impress, cinnamon-banana cake with chocolate ganache is the ticket. It may sound fussy but know that the cake is baked in a Bundt pan and the ganache is dripped over the top in an irregular pattern. No need to be precise.

Plus, it’s from Eating Well magazine via Diabetic Living Magazine, which means it has less processed sugar.

14. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake

peanut butter
Shyripa Alexandr / Shutterstock.com

Is a Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake a dessert, breakfast or serious afternoon pick-me-up? Maybe all three once you make this great recipe from Blissful Basil.

It’s vegan and gluten-free but chock full of delicious flavors, for sure.

15. Banana Pudding Cake

Banana slices
bergamont / Shutterstock.com

Banana pudding is a favorite dessert, but you need firm bananas to make it look good. Enter this banana cake recipe from Holly at Spend With Pennies.

The mixture goes into the oven light and pudding-like and comes out as a cake with its own sauce. It’s the best of both worlds!

16. Banana Upside-Down Cake

Dark brown sugar
Katrinshine / Shutterstock.com

Do you like the sound of caramelized brown sugar and bananas atop a delicious cake? Then we can be friends.

And we can go find Jessica Kraft at Sprinkle Some Sugar and thank her for the genius idea of swapping out pineapples for bananas in this upside-down cake.

17. ‘Velvet Elvis’ Cupcakes

A woman in an apron uses a handheld mixer while baking in her home kitchen
Impact Photography / Shutterstock.com

A list of overripe banana recipes would be complete without the King’s favorite flavor combo.

Elvis Presley may be known for his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but Ingrid Beer at The Cozy Apron has perfected PB&B in these “Velvet Elvis” cupcakes.

18. Banana Cookies

Mother baking cookies with her son
Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com

These banana cookies from Lovefoodies are basic, and you can customize them with your favorite add-ins, including Heath baking chips, chocolate chips or chopped nuts.

This is a soft cookie no matter how you make it. The moisture from the banana makes sure of that.

19. Rock Lobster Cocktail

Tropical cocktails
Peter Cripps / Shutterstock.com

Is it a cocktail dessert? Well, it certainly can be if you’re making the Rock Lobster Cocktail from The Spruce Eats. The adult drink gets plenty of tropical kick from coconut rum, dark rum and banana liqueur.

What a way to use a very ripe banana. Cheers!

20. Chocolate Chip Banana Bars

Young girls look into a lunch bag
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Tuck the recipe for chocolate chip banana bars away for when you’ve got a bunch of overripe bananas. This great recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread calls for five of them.

Wrap a bar (or a square depending on how you cut them) and tuck into your kids’ lunch boxes.

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