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20 Companies Listing Job Salaries in Their Descriptions

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It’s an all-too-common scenario: You navigate the twists and turns of an interview process, only to find out at the end that the position won’t meet your salary needs.

Yet, there’s a silver lining: More and more companies are starting to disclose salary ranges in their job descriptions.

You might wonder why this shift is occurring. In part, it’s thanks to new legislative measures in certain states and localities.

But even beyond legal requirements, many companies recognize the value of being transparent about pay. As a job seeker, regardless of your career stage, this is good news.

Why Companies Post Job Salaries in Job Descriptions

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Recruitment is evolving at an astonishing pace. From how resumes are reviewed to the information a company shares in a job description, many companies are embracing the reality that revealing salary ranges upfront is not just a trend, it’s a strategic move.

Companies need to engage candidates who are in it for the passion and the mission, not just the paycheck. They want to avoid turning away top talent who might hesitate to apply due to ambiguous compensation details.

And let’s face it, being an “employer of choice” has its rewards; these companies understand that they stand out more with transparency.

Of course, it’s not always a straightforward decision. Displaying salaries can sometimes ruffle feathers internally. Additionally, many applicants, filled with optimism, set their sights on the higher end of the range, which is rarely where the salary offer lands.

The intricacy of wages also plays a part, with variations based on location. And while salary transparency is essential, companies also hope that applicants take a keen interest in the other unique benefits and perks they offer, ensuring a holistic match for both parties.

With that understanding, you can certainly save some time by targeting employers that meet your salary needs.

20 Flexible Companies With Transparent Salary Listings

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Use this list of companies offering transparent salary information to help focus your company research.

1. A+E Networks

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A+E Networks is the award-winning global media company behind such well-known cable channels as History, A&E, Lifetime, and FYI.

Founded in 1984, the company now operates six original brands with 50 channels in over 37 languages, reaching more than 350 million viewers worldwide.

2. Ad Hoc

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A remote-first business, Ad Hoc offers cutting-edge tech services for federal and state governments.

Committed to fostering talent, the company provides competitive benefits and the chance to make a difference in American lives through seamless, user-friendly applications.

3. Bloomerang

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Providing transformative donor management software for nonprofits, Bloomerang is celebrated for its vibrant culture, and the company champions those with a nonprofit passion.

Using its comprehensive set of tools, Bloomerang merges fundraising expertise with tech to elevate client fundraising strategies.

4. Braze

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Braze empowers brands to enhance customer engagement using its innovative platform. Esteemed for its inclusive work culture and flexibility, the company offers perks like medical insurance and professional growth opportunities.

With multiple accolades, Braze serves major enterprises, specializing in those with a robust mobile presence.

5. brightwheel

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The company brightwheel is an education management firm committed to revolutionizing early education globally. Founded in 2014, brightwheel provides an all-in-one platform streamlining tasks for educators and improving communication for schools and families.

Ideal candidates are education-passionate, tech-savvy, and thrive in dynamic environments.

6. bswift

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Founded in 1996, bswift offers cloud-based HR and benefits solutions, serving millions.

Recognized among the Best and Brightest Companies in Chicago, bswift fosters a creative, value-driven environment with remote flexibility. The company’s goal is to simplify health care administration using innovative technology.

7. Checkr

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Checkr revolutionizes background screening with a fast, fair platform prioritizing inclusivity. Rooted in addressing traditional background-check flaws, its API-first tech blends AI and human expertise to connect companies with diverse talent.

Championing flexibility, Checkr offers roles in various fields with remote options and a rewarding culture.

8. Cotiviti

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Cotiviti delivers analytics-driven solutions for health care and retail sectors, optimizing business outcomes.

Emphasizing diversity and detail-oriented problem-solving, the company offers remote roles for U.S. candidates. Its reach encompasses top U.S. health care payers and leading global retailers.

9. CVS Health

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CVS Health, a top health care giant, merged with Aetna in 2018, enhancing its mission to revolutionize consumer health care. Employing 25,000 pharmacists and managing over 9,500 pharmacies, CVS Health offers both in-office and remote roles across various fields.

Recognized by the Fortune 500 and Fast Company magazine, its reach includes prescriptions, clinics, and retail services.

10. Handshake

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Handshake connects students with top employers through its expansive platform. Partnering with over 700 U.S. universities, Handshake has linked 15 million alumni and students with 300,000 companies.

The company prioritizes empathetic, detail-oriented candidates passionate about career growth and embraces diversity in its team.

11. ICF

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ICF, a global technology and professional services firm founded in 1969, boasts a diverse team across 70 offices, emphasizing work-life balance and continuous learning.

Recognized by Forbes magazine for excellence, ICF offers advisory and analytics services, focusing on sectors from health to infrastructure.

12. Jenzabar

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Jenzabar delivers software services to over 1,300 higher education institutions globally. Cultivating a transparent, innovative work environment, Jenzabar has offered roles with flexibility and benefits, like wellness programs and tuition reimbursement.

Rooted in the history of its founder, a Chinese former student activist, its solutions align educational goals with cutting-edge tech.

13. LanguageLine Solutions

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LanguageLine Solutions is a premier provider of diverse interpreting and translation services.

As the world’s largest professional interpreter employer, the company offers a variety of flexible roles in bilingual and IT sectors. Partnering with global clients, LanguageLine Solutions bridges language barriers across various industries and platforms.

14. Maximus

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Maximus is a prominent American firm specializing in health and human services programs.

Partnering with various government levels globally, the company focuses on public program administration and improvement, boasting significant expertise in health care, education, and workforce services.

15. Paychex

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Paychex is a premier provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, serving clients in the U.S. and Europe.

Renowned for fostering a flexible, inclusive workplace with ample growth opportunities, Paychex is a celebrated industry leader, earning accolades like recognition from Ethisphere as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

16. Paylocity

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Paylocity offers cloud-based HCM and payroll solutions tailored for midsize U.S. organizations.

Esteemed for innovative software and a flexible workplace, the company has earned accolades as a top employer both in Illinois and nationally.

17. Pinterest

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Pinterest revolutionizes how users find and share inspiration through “pinning” to virtual boards. Committed to diversity and the future of work, Pinterest empowers its team with flexibility and robust benefits.

Today, with 400 million global users, it stands as the premier visual discovery platform for ideas related to beauty, fashion, travel, and more.

18. Starbucks

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Starbucks is a renowned global coffee brand with over 24,000 stores in 70 countries.

Recognized for its exceptional workplace and ethics, Starbucks offers adaptable roles and benefits, including tuition coverage and “Your Special Blend” pay packages for eligible partners. The company aims to balance profit with profound social responsibility.

19. Surgical Notes

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Surgical Notes offers advanced revenue cycle management solutions primarily for ambulatory surgery centers. Founded in 1997, the company is a leading provider of coding, billing, and software services that optimize revenue and operations.

Surgical Notes emphasizes remote flexibility and competitive salaries and prioritizes candidates with relevant qualifications.

20. Vox Media

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Vox Media, established in 2003, is a renowned media giant housing brands like The Verge and Vox Creative.

Committed to high-quality journalism and diverse content, Vox Media has historically offered remote roles.

The company’s platforms, reaching 750 million people, set industry standards in engagement and video consumption.

Tips To Figure Out a Salary Range

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Ideally, before you apply for a job, you’ll know what your target salary range is. Look outside of job descriptions to uncover the going salary for the type of job you’re applying for. Use sites like Salary.com, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), or Payscale.com to launch your research.

Ensure you’re factoring in your experience, geography, and education or certifications.

Also, decide how much other compensation will factor into your target range. For example, would working remotely save enough in commuting expenses that you can lower your salary range? How about a 401(k) with matching or a home office stipend?

Lastly, be willing to ask and know your make-or-break salary range before you begin job searching. What is the minimum amount you need to meet your expenses and feel satisfied in your role?

When it comes time to discuss your specific offer, prepare to negotiate so you’re not leaving any money on the table.

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