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10 People Share How Flexible Work Changed Their Lives

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

Do you dream of blending the thrill of travel with the stability of a fulfilling career? You’re not alone.

Technology has flung open the traditional office doors, creating a world where work doesn’t mean limiting yourself to one location for your entire career.

In the stories of these digital nomads, you’ll find the inspiration and practical advice to make the leap yourself.

They’re professionals who dared to align their work with their wanderlust, embracing the digital revolution and building a career that isn’t confined to a certain location.

Read on as digital nomads share the impact of flexibility on their lives.

1. Work While Traveling

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“My family and I sold our home and bought a travel trailer to travel the U.S. full-time. I needed a position with flexible hours I could do while traveling.

“I found FlexJobs, and now I’m able to work from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. I can earn money while traveling and work whatever hours work for me.

“Having this flexible job allows me and my family to live our dream of traveling the U.S. If you’re serious about finding a job, try FlexJobs.”

—Jillian L., Freelance Transcriptionist at Rev.com

2. Life With a Flexible Schedule

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“I’m so happy with my experience with FlexJobs. I was able to find exactly what I wanted using this service. Within six weeks of joining, I had two job offers for remote positions.

“I’m able to be a digital nomad and live life with a flexible schedule. I’m very happy and would highly recommend FlexJobs!”

—Aretha S., Writer and Content Creator at Lawyerist

3. Live the Dream

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“I wanted to become a digital nomad and travel while working. I’ve achieved my dream. I’m currently writing from Cartagena, Colombia.

“I’m able to see the world and learn another language while still thriving in my career. Finding flexible work has proved that it’s possible to work and live the life you want.

“FlexJobs saves a lot of time looking through listings. I used the bulk approach: I applied to around 50 listings, from which I got five interviews and three offers.”

—Claire B., Graphic Designer at Haystack TV

4. Skip the Commute

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“I was a homemaker for five years and suddenly found myself needing to rejoin the workforce.

“Working from home will keep me out of the Minnesota winters and keep mileage down on my car by skipping the commute. I also have more personal time.

“I’ll be able to work remotely worldwide, so I can live the digital nomad lifestyle with financial security at the same time.

“FlexJobs is well worth the fee for scam-free, curated job listings for all experience levels. Tailoring my resume was very effective.”

—Riley M., Customer Experience Specialist at Delta

5. More Time for Family

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“FlexJobs helped me find a flexible job that made it possible for me to become a digital nomad while still being present for my wife and two daughters.”

—Jason B., Marketing & Partnerships Lead at crowdspring

6. Work Where You Want

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“The ability to work from home suits my nomadic lifestyle. I love being able to work from my backyard or the beach.

“Having a remote job allows me to travel whenever and wherever I want, as well as build an ideal work-life balance. I can build a life I truly enjoy.

“I’m already learning so much about a new industry and I’m excited about where this role will take me.

“FlexJobs gave me the peace of mind to apply for positions I knew were the real deal. Tailoring your resume and cover letters is key.”

—Monet S., Executive Assistant

7. Pursue Dreams

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“I began looking for a new job due to a lack of avenues for professional growth in my work environment.

“My flexible job has unlocked the ability to become a digital nomad and not be bound to a single location. I can pursue my dreams of travel and live a more fulfilling life.

“I now feel that I can find viable employment anywhere in the world. FlexJobs is a handy tool to have in your belt. Like all tools, though, it only produces based on the effort you put into using it.”

—Kyle David M., Professional Services Consultant at Formstack

8. Great Job and Great Pay

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“Through FlexJobs, I found employment teaching English as a second language. It pays well, but the best part is how much I absolutely love it! Being able to earn more money from home is wonderful.

“In no time, I’ll be able to purchase a new car, but this job is going so well that I plan to travel the world while I continue my work. All I need is my hot spot for a good wireless connection.

“I urge those considering a FlexJobs membership to try it and take total advantage of all it has to offer.”

—Mandi T., ESL Teacher at HAWO American Academy

9. Customized Work Schedule

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“Flexibility and remote work were very important to me in my job search. With a flexible job, I can make my own schedule, and I can travel anywhere while continuing to work.

“The membership is worth it because there are a wide variety of flexible and/or remote jobs. Customizing my resume and cover letter for the position was most helpful.”

—Teresa R., Environmental Science, Energy, and Sustainability Editor at Cactus Communications

10. Earn on the Go

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“I was leaving my former position and wanted to travel more. I wanted something part-time, 100% remote, and to choose the hours.

“With my new flexible job, I can travel anywhere and work as long as there’s an internet connection.

“I have the freedom to enjoy my travels while still having some income. I tailored my resume and cover letters to find a job. Keep refining your search and review all of the listings.”

—Elaine H., Results Analyst at TELUS International

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